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Aug 31, 2018
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Final Fantasy 6 has many different characters, from Celes, Sabin, Mog, Gogo and so many more.

Who do you like best and what one is your favorite.

I have highlighted Terra Branford in this weeks post and her history of who she is. Take a look and let me know who you like the best and why? Also who was your ending party?

Terra is one of my favourite characters in Final Fantasy as a whole. I just fell in love with her theme music and her face art on the menu. The bright green used in the game seemed so exotic to me.

But to mention some others...
Sabin. He's easy to overlook as just another musclehead.... But he is essentially the Hercules of Final Fantasy. I don't just mean strength either. Symbolism, and also Sabin's journey too (see here and scroll down to the paragraph about Sabin). I don't know if SE intended it, but it fits like a glove.

Gau. He's essentially a kid-Tarzan. A feral child who has been raised by animals in the Veldt. Again, he's easy to dismiss. This time people might dismiss him as a novelty character. But I believe his character really shines through if you actually use him in your party (and if you do his optional side-story in the World of Ruin). He has a very sad story and I feel sorry for him. I have to admit that I didn't use him much for combat.

I'm struggling to remember who I picked for my ending party though. I know Edgar and Terra were definitely involved... I think I also used Sabin and possibly Locke.

Hmm. Actually I possibly switched out Locke for Celes at the end... I tended to swap my character around a lot because honestly I loved the entire cast of FFVI!
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That was an interesting post about him. All the characters were great and I did do the extra stuff with Gau and that is not a happy story for sure. He is a little misunderstood. I didn't use him either. My final was Terra, Celes, Edger, Sabin