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Lord Varys

Dec 26, 2007
Somewhere....where the heck am I?
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This is a book by George R. R. Martin that takes place in the mid-1850's on the great river. You follow an old steamboat captain who has fallen on hard times and only has one or two steamboats left in his business, until one day he meets a mysterious man who is willing to spend a ton of money to be part of a steamboat that travels the river.

From there the old steamboat captain, Abner Marsh, begins to notice things that are unusual about his business partner and his way of life. It isn't until his partner, Joshua York, stumbles upon an old acquatance that life a long the great river could become deadly for unsuspecting travelers.

I thought this book was very good, and was well written. Martin has a way with writing scenes that immerse you into the story and makes you think you're right next to the characters themselves. It's also good if you like vampire novels, while I personally don't jump at the chance to read those type of novels, like I previously mentioned, this one is very good and worthy of a read.