Favourte Characters

What's your favourite character(s)

  • Terra

    Votes: 14 48.3%
  • Locke

    Votes: 12 41.4%
  • Mog

    Votes: 11 37.9%
  • Edgar

    Votes: 11 37.9%
  • Sabin

    Votes: 7 24.1%
  • Setzer

    Votes: 7 24.1%
  • Celes

    Votes: 12 41.4%
  • Shadow

    Votes: 9 31.0%
  • Cyan

    Votes: 7 24.1%
  • Strago

    Votes: 3 10.3%
  • Relm

    Votes: 7 24.1%
  • Umaru

    Votes: 3 10.3%
  • Gogo

    Votes: 3 10.3%

  • Total voters


Dec 12, 2006
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Fiddle-dee-dee. I've got only 4 of the fourteen available characters to praise, so, here we go.

Edgar: Let's start w/ the least valued on the list. Sure, it's always fun to see him ignored, by comrades and ladies alike, and his Tools do fair damage, but why even praise him? I can think of a couple fighters who can put him to shame.

"Terra, I'll support you for #1: Your beauty #2: Wanna know if I'm your type + #3: I guess your abilities would be a distant third."

Mog: We go back to when Locke + Terra were being hunted down by the Empire and got lost in the caves, where they were supported by a dozen Moogles, led by Mr Kupo himself. My only reason for listing him as a character (aside saving Locke + Terra) would be his Dance skills. *Bring Mog to Serpent Trench before Kefka destroys the world.*

Shadow: This mysterious man has many reasons for me to admire him. First, he has the guts to leave your party whenever he loses interest. Second, he will go for the better deal. (In the end, Kefka's money for hiring Shadow was in his other pants.) And he'll apparently 'slit his momma's neck for a nickel'. (I'm tempted, but who in their right mind would actually KILL their own mother?)

Reason two: INTERCEPTER! He eats strangers! ^^ For those who were/are/going to be fortunate enough to witness Intercepter's attack(s) are very, very, very lucky people. (If you see the dog, go and buy a lottery ticket!) Plus, he doesn't mind Relm. It proves that beneath the soulless Cujo-esque killer, is a sweet, innocent, hand-licking pup. ^^

Reason three: Umm......he can throw stuff.

Sabin: The epic conclusion of Das Kennzeichnung, (characterization) Sabin is a hardcore musclehead who wants to be free as the wind. Who doesn't appreciate the simple ideal of intentionally avoiding your burdens so you can do as you please w/out Ministers getting in the way. **Kids who might be reading: SKIPPING SCHOOL IS A BAD IDEA! DO NOT APPLY SABIN'S RECKLESS AVOISION TO YOUR OWN SITUATION! STRAY FROM THE REFLEX OF CONSUMING DRUGS, EVEN IF YOUR PARENTS OFFER TO PAY!

I may have saved futures, so moving on. Aside from his carefree attitude, I admire his seemly limitless power, making Blitz (if you can manage the buttons) my favourite technique. (Dance has its charm and Tools can drill a hole in your head, but, cmon, we're talkin about Sabin.)

He has Fire Dance and Air Blade, two of his "team killers" due to the multi-target effect + his natural strength helps. (He's top physical str, but half his attacks are elemental) Aurabolt is the standard boss-killer + Bum/Phantom Rush would be the Ultimate in his repertoire of readied rages.

And that's all I wrote.
I love Sabin, Locke, Terra, Celes, and Mog.:think:

I love Sabin because he's so free- spirited, down to earth, and loves freedom and to travel. Also he's funny and he makes you laugh, and I love people who make you laugh because they make you feel so good inside and they bring out lots of happiness within you.

I love Locke because he's such a nice guy, friendly, kind and protective and he helps those who need help and there's not a single cold-hearted bone in his body. Also he reminds me of bit of Laguna from FF8, he likes to help others too and he's a bit of a goofball like Locke, both of them are a bit goofy.

Celes is awesome because she's such a tough and strong independent lady. She's a little bit cold at first, espically towards Edgar. But she warms up as the game progresses. She's like a Ice Queen that slowly melts with the good deeds she does with The Returners. I also love her because even though she was apart of the Empire, she left when she found out what bad crimes the Empire was doing, Celes is not a follower of other people, she follows what's right.

I didn't like Terra at first, I thought that she was the opposite of Celes and whiny, not independent and not a strong role-model like Celes, but then I noticed how strong she really is, even though she's lost and confused and dumped into a empty world after being mind-controlled by the Empire, she manages to stand on her feet and get rough all the bad troubles that come her way. And that's really awesome.

And Mog. Mog or who I like to call 'Moggie'.
:tehe: Is just really cute, and he does these adorable dances, and he just makes want to squeal in his cuteness.
There are a lot of good characters but my favorite is Terra. The way she fights in battles is pretty cool. Also, her character managed to make the story interesting.

What's interesting is the contrast between Terra and Celes though. Terra
starts out kind of weak but gets stronger throughout the game
. While Celes
starts out strong and gets more emotional
Cyan. Sword skills own.

Mod edit: Please put more effort into your post. Tell us why else you like Cyan, perhaps what sword skills you like best and things like that. :3
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I would have to say my favorite, is Terra, Edgar, Celes, Sabin and Mog. Why?

Terra: She is a very caring character. She's very lost, alone and confused at the start of the game but she continues to grow and get stronger throughout the game. After she
first transforms into her Esper form and flies off to Zozo and Returners & Co. head over,
you get see just how strong and strong willed she is and becomes.

I first thought "oh great, typical romance and typical characters" when I saw Locke and Terra at first. That quickly changed! The moment I left
Narshe and headed to Figaro
I began to think Terra's character is very well developed.

She's very loving, caring and always mindful of her friends and feelings...I can't explain it, I guess I think she's the perfect character xD

I agree with the ending of Sol Blade's post as well :)

Edgar: He is an intelligent, flirty, smart, savvy, cool character. He's incredibly strong, especially when using a sword and spear and his tools increases that factor. Its not only that he's a beast in battle, but his character and personality is really good! Especially if you read
the Figaro backstory
which explains some things about Edgar. Though the makes said you could or couldn't, take it as canon (up to reader).

In the game however, it offers insight and great leadership and even jokes to soften the mood!

Celes: Basically, take the part about Terra and reverse. I like how cold and strong she is in the beginning and, according to the books as well, learns to lean on someone (Locke and Co.) for support and friendship, but she doesn't lose her sense of will and her strong personality.

*though it feels sorta rushed at the end >.>*

Mog: He's just cute and cool lol

Sabin: He's free-spirited, caring and loving to his brother. And they didn't hold back his emotions about
being King and his choice to leave the kingdom
, though sad, was a realistic move to make a character make.

I like how developed he is :)
I'd have to say that may favorite character's were mog and Relm.
Mog didnt have much purpose for the story, but he was fun to use in battle. It was interesting going around the world to learn his various dances. Each dance had it's own advantage. he just stood out as a character for me, and i always had him in my main party from the moment i was able to get him.
Relm on the other hand was just fun in general. probably because she was the youngest. and also because i loved her abilities.
Cyan was definitely me favorite character. I liked the different Sword Skills he used and I like his story. Classic vengeance. The part in the Phantom Forest was really cool. His character design always made me think about Zorro wearing armor.

I also liked Locke. Only because he could use Steal and Mug which are two of my favorite skills in any Final Fantasy.
Why isn't gay on the list? Lol ff 6 is so good but I still think every character is good and unique in the own way.. Be it their story or fighting style

I didnt meant gay my bad I spell checked on me.. I meant Gau
Edgar is an amazon character.. Yes he's a flirt.. But also without him where would most of the cast of ff6 be? He is also quite witty and his machinist class is amazing.. He has various tools and I remember using him and his auto-crossbow and chainsaw were killer.. I mean what other ff character wields a hainsaw with a hockey mask and has a chance on soon instakill on enemies?
I liked Terra the best,simply because she's a Esperkin and a Heroine of the game which FF's severely lack until late.

I did like Locke too but Terra was my favorite character but since there is no steady main character its hard to pick between each of them =(
My favorite character from Final Fantasy VI is Setzer. His character design is what catch my eyes the most. The style and combination that they gave to his design was outstanding. After seeing him in Kingdom Hearts II, I was more amazed how his design looked, from his scars to his colorful outfit. I find his ability to be unique since it revolve around cards, slots and dices, which is a great choice since it fits perfectly with his job as a gambler. I also like how they gave him to pilot a airship named after a famous card game known as "Blackjack".

Did you know that Setzer is the first character from the series to have a physical disfigurement?
I've voted for Terra, the Esper girl, manipulated by the Empire, she slowly recovers her personnality, she faces her Esper side and take control of it to help for good