Favorite Cid?

Which Final Fantasy does your favorite Cid belong to?

  • Final Fantasy II

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  • Final Fantasy III

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  • Final Fantasy IV

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  • Final Fantasy V

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  • Final Fantasy VI

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  • Final Fantasy VII

    Votes: 5 35.7%
  • Final Fantasy VIII

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  • Final Fantasy IX

    Votes: 2 14.3%
  • Final Fantasy X

    Votes: 1 7.1%
  • Final Fantasy XI

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  • Final Fantasy XII

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  • Final Fantasy XIII

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  • Final Fantasy XIV

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  • Final Fantasy XV

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  • Other

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  • Final Fantasy XVI

    Votes: 4 28.6%

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I'm sure this has already been asked before but I didn't see anything via the search engine.

So who is your favorite Cid? There are lots to choose from with their own various backstories and characters! Cast your vote in the poll above!

Personally, my favorite is probably Cid Highwind from FFVII. He was the first Cid I remember encountering since first getting into Final Fantasy. Instinctively I always want to vote for my favorite game, and while I do really like Cid from FFIX, I think I like VII's just a little more!
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I voted for VII.
This guy though.
It has to be Cid from VII, I think part of the bias is the fact that this Cid is the only one which is a mainline party member and because so, he had the attention to detail regarding his backstory with Shinra and the Rocket programme.

There are many Cid's I like from other games too, I liked VIII's story with Cid and his shady involvement with Norg, also the reveal of whom is wife was well handled (Could probably have phrased that better...). Even XII, a game I don't compliment often actually had a good antagonist with Cid and his bond with Balthier give much needed personal conflict within the story.
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Mine is also Cid from FFVII. When people mention "Cid" he's the first one I think of because he's the one that stood out to me the most out of all the Cids from Final Fantasy.

I guess it's also probably because FFVII's Cid is in other things too - like Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, Advent Children, and Dirge of Cerberus. It's hard not to remember him.
Seems like Cid in FFVII is a popular #$@%!.

It's also Cid Highwind in VII for me. Love his character, admittedly I never paid much attention to the other FFs Cid characters (and I never even played anything before VII) but don't judge. VII's Cid is amazing.
Wow! I was thinking of voting for Cid Highwind from Final Fantasy VII as my personal favorite Cid, but I didn't expect to see most people vote for him as well. I decided to vote for him because I found him to be the most original one of them all in terms of looks. His outfit fits perfectly with his job class as a pilot which also adds that mechanic look to his personality, which is what I like about this character so much. He is the best Cid ever to be created in the series of Final Fantasy. The is no other Cid that can be compare to him.

"Shut up! Sit your ass down in that chair and drink your goddamn TEA!" Best line ever.
My favorite Cid will always be X Cid, (with X-2 being equally as hilarious to me) just for the interaction and memories I have laughing at him. His voice actor really sold it for me.
I love XII Cid and VII of course as well.
This is really, really hard....

Cid Highwind from FFVII was my first Cid. The quotable, dirty-mouthed dragoon who was a kick-ass pilot. He had a rather touching backstory. He'd missed out on attaining his dreams of heading to space, so he became abusive to the apologetic assistant who, in his eyes, ruined his chances. When he not only realises that she had really saved his life that day, but also achieves his lifelong ambition of successfully launching a rocket into space (albeit for a brief moment), that really stuck with me. The music probably helped.

Cid Pollendina from FFIV is another favourite... But only because he was an absolute madman who figured it would be a cunning plan to jump out of an airship and blow himself up (temporarily - think Uncle Fester from The Adams Family) just to seal a hole in the Underworld!

I shall also never forget FFVIII's Headmaster Cid Kramer. Not only does his likeness to Robin Williams make him very likeable, but his character's relevance to the lore of that world is a little deeper than people remember. He's very much a father figure in that game.

But FFIX's Cid Fabool IX veritably hops to mind. The naughty Regent was punished by his wife and turned into an oglop first, then a frog... The scenes which result from such a metamorphosis were a genuine treat. When Quina sees Cid as a frog talking to the rest of the party, and Quina debates with itself about whether the yummy-yummy should be eaten even though it talks - that was well-written! This Cid learned his lesson, for sure!

I kind of love all of them, but I guess I'll vote for Cid Fabool IX in this instance.
Definitely the odd one out here as my vote goes to a Cid not on the list here, but for me it's T.G. aka Thunder God Cid from Final Fantasy Tactics. Not only was he a feared war vet that was an old man that laid siege to the battlefield with his sword prowess, but he was also pretty insightful and tries to avoid fighting when a second war was getting to it's boiling point. He knew something seemed amiss and that both sides were getting tired of the fighting let alone the dwindling forces on both sides and running low on supplies like food to carry on the war. He was then imprisoned for objecting the fighting and he was a general for the enemy side you fight. Upon release he vows to fight with you and find the corruption that is going on with this land and also to try and stop the manipulations that are going on behind the scene.
Final Fantasy II : The very first Cid and he just uses you as a taxi service, which is depressing. I hope he steps on a Lego.

Final Fantasy III : One of the better Cids throughout the series, a kind, cheerful, older character that's like your Dad or Grandfather.

Final Fantasy IV : Okay, not the greatest, but okay.

Final Fantasy V : Perhaps the most depressive Cid which is weird considering how lively this game is, this Cid feels like he's to blame for the world falling apart, and sort of takes a seat back while his Grandson Mid takes over.

Final Fantasy VI : Condom Cid. Famous for, well, looking like a giant yellow condom.

Final Fantasy VII : Cid Highwind, the most loved Cid within the series, a dorky, yet grumpy and frustrated character for having his dreams be taken away from him. A lover of Science and Tea. Not a fan of how he treats Shera. Can step on a 1/2 a Lego.

Final Fantasy VIII : Cid Karmer. Maybe one of the worst Cids ? Not as bad as FFII Cid, but still pretty awful. Headmaster Cid starts out as a kind Robin Williams like figure but then crumbles apart when you see his soldier academy go to war- and he just sneaks out the back door and then has the nerve to teach Squall about true leadership. Can also step on a Lego.

Final Fantasy IX : Better as a Frog or a Bug.

Final Fantasy X : Not a fan of his accent? Southern American accent? But he has his moments. Yeehaw.

Final Fantasy XII : A Cid that's a villain? That's different and cool.

Final Fantasy XIII : ...........He was there, I guess?

Final Fantasy XV: Cidney was alright.

I think I originally voted for IX's Cid, but after some thought, I think I liked FFIII's Cid the best.
Cidolfus Orlandeau from FF Tactic. A honourable warrior. He can fight as Divine Knight, Holy Knight and Dark Knight. He makes the game too easy.
Added FFXVI to the list (The poll is able to change your vote if you feel inclined, either now or in the future.) Despite your feelings on the game, or even my own, I think I'm confident saying that Cidolfus Telamon is probably my new favorite Cid, but FFVII Cid Highwind is still a close favorite :) Really enjoyed his character, though I'm still not crazy about his outfit :tearjoy:
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Final Fantasy VI's Cid. I like that he dies.

But seriously, I was actually going to jump on FFVII Cid train, because I think he's a really good character and I love him in FFVII. But thinking about it, I think Celes' story--and by extension Cid's involvement in it--is very emotionally impactful for me. So I think that one sticks out to me just slightly more.
The latest Cid is now my new favourite, Dr. Cid is still right up there with him though. I also really like IXs Cid too. I liked 6s Cid and his little story arc with Celes and i also quite liked the cid from 5 too, those are the cids that stand out to me

At the opposide end, i never really liked the Cid from 8, always found him to be a bit of a shit bag, he kinda annoyed me tbh and such a hypocrite, I always thought 7s was a bit of a bell end too, but at least i found him amusing so he has that to fall back on at least