Fashion Retcon Confusion


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Oct 2, 2019
So I've had this huge fascination with how Square Enix handles Final Fantasy VII and the fashion sense.

Lets first start off with how Square Enix handles SOLDIER, specifically the SOLDIER emblem. if you followed it in that order after FF7, you notice some odd details in the fashion retcons that really make it confusing.

Final Fantasy VII:

The only artwork that gives us a good idea of Soldier's design is Cloud's modified outfit. And as you can see, the insignia has this medieval/ancient design. it definitely contrasts the rest of the more 90s aesthetic. And With Sephiroth's design, we can make the safe conclusion that the insignia was not a modification and part of the Soldier design (at least for 1st Class).

Before Crisis:

We can't see the insignia, but we see the helmet to be redesigned to be much more Knight-like. So based on the helmet design, its safe to assume the insignia hasn't changed.

Advent Children:

We See Sephiroth with a new insignia. It's so hard to see, and it seems like something to ignore considering it could be a slight redesign. Cloud's outfit is also heavily modified to the point of removing the insignia, so we don't really see

Dirge of Cerberus:


This is where things get interesting. In Dirge of Cerberus, we get to see fully modeled Soldiers and Deepground Soldiers. Once again, the original Emblem remains, and there's now more subtle features that distinguish the two. Deepground have this "Blue Eye" in the center of the emblem while SOLDIERs have an empty slot. Everything makes sense so far (except for Advent Children).
This further cements the idea this emblem has always been around.

Crisis Core:


Crisis Core now contradicts everything we know so far. Now the logo we see in Advent children seems to be the proper logo. I'm never quite sure what the symbol is. it seems like two fists pointing upwards? And we see that the old emblem is still canon, but now only to Deepground? I just find it very confusing.