End of an era - FFXIV: Stormblood (4.0) will not support the PS3


Like the coming and going of Astral Eras and their Umbral counterparts, everything must come to an end. There comes a time when the old warrior has to lay down his blade and his glaives after a long and arduous career fending off against his many adversaries, despite age steadily proving to be a hindrance to his performance. When the old warrior can no longer keep up, that fire in his heart is extinguished, passing on to the next generation, so that the mantle may continue to be wielded.

That old warrior today is the PlayStation 3.


Along with the PC, the PS3 was an integral cog in the Square Enix machine. Would the rebirth of the maligned Final Fantasy XIV have ever risen to its current day stature and success had the PS3 not been around to help carry its flame during those early days? Would this MMO, which has so far been the only one of its kind to have been rebuilt completely at exorbitant expense and a sacrifice of manpower, have become as popular as it today were it not for the PS3 bringing in a console audience that had previously never played an MMORPG before?



In fact, had it not been for the PS3 and Square Enix's continuing support for this aging silicon warrior, perhaps I would have never found the opportunity to try out FFXIV, let alone have lasted as long as I have as a loyal player and a fan, despite my many lengthy periods of absence and irregularity. It is to the company's credit for supporting the PS3 as long as they have that I was able to be a part of the community - to lark about and raid with fellow FFFers and the countless, colourful characters that populate our modest server.

In the words of @Six herself:

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So fare thee well, PS3. By no means does this mean that the game will be entirely unplayable on this decade-old war horse (it just means you will not be able to play 4.0 Stormblood on the machine, so the expansion is exclusive to PC and PS4 now), but an era has closed. You have served diligently, despite your many falterings during 3.0. But I have stuck with you until the end and I salute you for making FFXIV possible for me.

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I started on the Ps3 and moved along to the Ps4 but I do still from time to time log in the old console, the Ps3 helped push the game to millions more than PC alone could have reached, I for one will miss those days.
While I sympathize for people who are still playing the game on PS3, I think this is great news in the long run. I started playing FFXIV on PS3 during the beta for A Realm Reborn, and while it will always hold a special place in my heart for that reason, that beta also taught me from the get-go that I didn't want to play the game on that platform for the full release. 720p just isn't enough for the UI, the framerate was awful, and NPC animations were by and large capped at low interpolation--which screams of desperation to me. It's amazing the game ever ran on the PS3 at all, really.

But now the console is seriously holding other platforms back, and there are much better ways to play available at low cost. Most people on PS3 will be able to afford a PS4 Slim or cheap PC. Not as cheap as sticking with their current platform, obviously, but ultimately Square Enix is doing everyone a favor on this one. I look forward to what the new patch will bring knowing it won't be restricted to PS3 performance constraints.