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Jun 12, 2006
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Staff Member: Linnaete
AKA: Fleur, Olivia, Livi, Liv-Liv, Olives, the Iron Editor
Real Name: Olivia
Location: United Kingdom, Europe (UK being in Europe is politically debated though)
Staff Position: Janitor…I mean, Editorial Staff
Joined Site: Goodness knows, 19 February 2009?
Joined Staff: Uhh…well, Olivia joined staff twice. She can remember neither.
Staff History: Lady Livi Coms- uhh, let’s just use the “Fleur” moniker; it’s a much shorter name, saves the extra typing, and she’s only going by another username at the moment because a thief has run off with her username and her pride – first joined staff as a moderator a few years back for some undisclosed reason. Having been a dedicated part of the Square-Enix News section back when the company still bothered to bless the Internet with newsworthy content, Fleur was invited to the staff lounge to serve as moderator of both the News and Final Fantasy sections. A few initial hiccups may have occurred, but she quickly solidified her rule over the two sections, sending down the wrath of a scorned goddess on the multitude of bots poised to infest her turf. She left the position over a year later for literally no adequate reason whatsoever. Rumours suggest a conspiracy had occurred within staff at the time, possibly involving the CIA and the Bilderberg Group that culminated in Fleur’s abrupt ousting and the subsequent regime change.

A short while ago, after shaking off the CIA…somehow, Fleur returned to staff in a much more restrained editorial position. Her job would be to write articles for the front page, though most members suspect her work is simply 90% plagiarism from more deserving online news authors. Fleur has profusely denied such allegations, and as the website has not yet been brought down by any copyright claims or charges, there might actually be merit to her defence. Fleur has however, failed to provide a convincing case against further allegations by members of the forum that she has become conspicuously lazy as of late.

Bio: Fleur hails from Northwest England, which only makes her slightly less of a savage than say, the Geordies and the Liverpudlians. In her youth, Fleur dreamt of being a dancer, until the harsh truth was dealt to her that she had two left feet. Fortunately, she had very skilful hands to make up for it. Throughout her life thus far, she has been renowned for her drawing abilities. Ranging from portraits of human beings to anime characters and video game characters, she has captured it all on paper, though to everyone’s surprise, she has yet to make the transition to digital art – you know, where the actual employability is!

Her interests include ranting. Yes, ranting. The rants are typically about something overly political, or something extremely petty. Fleur has this strange need to regularly rant about something. It’s the precious elixir that makes her who she is and unsurprisingly, this reflects on the fact that in real life, she is deeply interested in all matters business and politics. Has the government done something to annoy Fleur today? She will let you know. Is she currently ranting about what Black Friday has done to her countrymen? She will be in the SB now. Just as unsurprising, Fleur studied History and Politics at university. While her path since graduation has not yet been crystal clear, she hopes to make a conversion to Law in the near future, or providing opportunity knocks, enter the PR consultancy field. Why not hire Fleur for your PR consultancy firm today? Just contact her directly and you will be amazed to see what this young woman can do for your clients’ reputation tomorrow!

  • Drawing
  • Satire
  • Armchair business analyses
  • Criticising Square-Enix
  • Ranting
  • Hockey and occasional netball
  • Wall climbing
  • History
  • Politics
  • Sensible drinking. Drinking like an Irishman is overrated and expensive.
  • Video games. Especially RPGs of all flavours. She considers herself an RPG aficionado…hahahaha.

Fun Facts: Fleur does speak a rather neutral English accent that is unfortunately construed by natives in the North of England as “posh English”. She regularly denies speaking with a posh accent, because she never pronounces the word “bath” as “baaarrrth”, for example.

Fleur has German and Welsh ancestry. The latter she chooses to completely forget altogether, because who would ever be proud of being Welsh? The former she elects to flaunt all over the place for some odd reason. Is it the World Cup season? She will enthusiastically applaud every German goal while kicking the England team while they’re down. She does back up her German claims with some decent proficiency in German. In addition, she knows elementary conversational Cantonese! Why Cantonese? It’s because she’s a massive fan of Hong Kong and its people. She seeks to build on her early Cantonese with subbed versions of Hong Kong dramas.

Approachability: Fleur is in fact one of the more immature and less serious members of staff. Who on earth would ever approach her concerning serious matters? Besides, that isn’t her job. Take it up to her superiors. Unless there is money involved. She will happily discuss matters of monetary value.

Favourite FF: Currently Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Goodness knows why, when Fleur has also incessantly ranted about it as well, but presumably after two months of playing, she has found sufficient content in the game to keep her pacifi- uhh, happy.

Her other favourite FFs include FFXII, FFVI and FFIX.
-What made you decide to become a staff member here, and why do you stay?

Wait, can we actually speak in first person now? Okay, hold on. Let me adjust my microphone.

What can I say? I was met with a friendly and enthusiastic community with a wide array of interesting characters, many of whom I was not expecting to encounter in a Final Fantasy website! The SB would quickly become one of my favourite daily haunts and coupled with my existing dedication and stalwart qualities, I felt it was prudent that I take a stab at staff. It took a few attempts and one affirmative action later, but I finally made it on and I was keen to use the position to do more for the community than I could do as an ordinary member.

My return to staff as editorial was down to similar reasons. I wanted to do my part for the nascent front page. True, I would mainly be dealing with the usual Square-Enix material, and I can only work with what the company gives me.

-Do you find it easy to work with your fellow team members? You may give specific names and examples.

Uhh, well, the editorial team was originally built on the principle of teamwork, until it transpired that individual authorship is just that – more of an individual thing.

To look back at my moderator days however, I won’t gloss over the fact that there were certainly moments when there was a bit of an impasse regarding a certain member or situation. Fortunately such impasses never lasted and we’ve always managed to come to a cordial consensus on the direction to take. I have worked splendidly with my colleagues and there was never a moment when I genuinely clashed with a fellow member of staff.

-What are some challenges you face (or have faced) as a staff member?

As an editorial staffer, I haven’t been the most…punctual of staffers, let’s just say. I mean, this very bio you’re reading now was heavily delayed, despite the requests for one a month ago! The difficulty for me these days is motivation. I’ve real life events that occupy my attention and often I come back after a day to find that a certain topic has already made rounds on the internet up to 12 hours ago! Am I too late to post this topic? Am I about to do something redundant?

As a moderator, difficulties were typically down to personal image. It is good to have fun in the SB. You’re still human after all, not some perpetually poker-faced drone. However, that fun came with cautions, because as a staff, I was expected to serve as an example for members, and admittedly there were a few times when I failed to adhere to that. One member was particularly incensed that I took part in a (jovially intended) topic that unfortunately he saw as offensive at its core, rather than cease it altogether.

-What are some key improvements you've noticed about our current staff team and administration?

Well, current staff seem dedicated to keep up activity on this website despite our haemorrhaging of it over the last few years. There’s also the fact that recent staffers have thankfully been free of the drama of old. I at least trust everyone here to be sensible, mature adults. Gone are the days of darkly muttering about members behind their backs and cliques. Gone is the drama…for good or bad!

-In your opinion, what are the most important positive qualities of this forum?

We’re not a bunch of primitive pond life on par with Youtube commentators or the worst of sub-Reddits, that’s for sure! We’re random with what we talk about, but we’re friendly to each other and we listen to each other. It’s particularly the case among veteran regulars of this site. It’s like a big huggable club.

-Describe a typical (or memorable) day in the job. What do you find most enjoyable about your job?

In my moderator days, I would regularly come in and check my sections. Any trouble? I step in. Anyone to infract? I’ll happily bring down the hammer and leave a ban comment laden with pop culture references to amuse staff and members.

As an editorial? Ehh, not as glamorous. It depends on Square-Enix. What have they done today? Have they released any news that I can use as material? Bad news is what I especially like. I can squeeze in something passive aggressive or satirical in the article if Square-Enix have done something dumb in the last 24 hours.

-In the time that you have been a member here how much have things changed?

Well, let’s not beat around the bush. A lot of once regular members have vanished, with a handful occasionally popping in again. As such, the place now feels tangibly more compact and dare I say it: quite close. Among the current regulars, we’re a very close-knit community. This can have some problems for new members, admittedly.

Other than that, the place has physically changed in a multitude of ways. Five years ago, no one would have ever conceived a Let’s Play section, or a section devoted to bargain Steam or GOG sales!

-Outside FFF, what do you like to do during your free time?

I am the Sun. I chill out and rotate around the galaxy while the rest of you idly orbit around me.

-What's the best thing that's happened to you so far while staying here at FFF?

The friendships come to mind.

Plus this website has inspired me to take up satire. The Internet would also have never seen my magnum opus, the Greeny x Sheep piece, had it not been for Final Fantasy Forums. I love you all. Most of the time.
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