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Feb 19, 2009
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Yes, I didn't realise it'd be named Drawcember 2022 until it was too late.

Welcome to Drawcember 2022: low budget edition. The above is Dave the Elven Centaur and he will be my cohost for this event. Think of him as a...stationary, non-vocal, less kawaii and definitely less annoying VTuber. No, I don't actually know what a VTuber is either.

Because our budget's been slashed this year, Dave the Elven Centaur will only be running 3 prompts this time round, and they will be posted on every Friday for the next few weeks. So put your hooves together, gather your pencils or drawing tablets of choice and get ready to put yourself into your art.


> If you want full credit for your sketch, you follow the weekly prompt that is listed on the screen!
> You don't have to draw the precise prompt for that week. If you wish, you may even submit sketches for all three prompts on the last day.
> Any art medium is permitted. Pencils, watercolour, digital art, Paint, graffiti all over your local library's walls! Maybe not the latter...
> If you'd like Dave the Elven Centaur to tag your handle on Instagram please leave your username in the post with your drawing.​

(2 December - 8 December)​
Elf or centaur​
(9 December - 15 December)​
Alternate dimension
Final Fantasy characters​
(16 December - 22 December)​
Tifa or Aerith​
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Elf or centaur

...wait, who chose this theme and what does any of this have to do with Christmas? Dave the Elven Centaur, is this your doing?​
I call this piece: My Lovely Centaur. It's that Father Ted episode, but with the world seemly all being centaurs. Everything is the same... except the Lord of the Rings came out roughly 7 - 10 years earlier.

Oh and Centaur shoes have been the fashion since 1965; the Centaur Beatles popularised the Centaur Chelsea boot, you see.

My Lovely Centaur.png

Alternate dimension Final Fantasy characters

What does that mean? It means take a Final Fantasy character of your choice and chuck 'em into a completely different universe. Steiner could be in the middle of a Victorian murder scene. Maybe Squall is now a My Little Pony character. Perhaps Tifa is now a South Park character.
Theme #3 - Tifa or Aerith

me: why drop my pretense of neutrality and pick one or the other when I can draw both?

EDIT: Aerith's doing a terrible job of strangling Tifa to death

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These are a bit blurry with the photos, and I am no artist, but here are my entries nevertheless.

PROMPT #1: Elf or centaur

Buddy the Elf learns he isn't an elf.... Or a human!

Buddy Centaur.jpg

PROMPT #2: Alternate dimension Final Fantasy characters

Since we're turning Quina into a meme...
Meet Spider-Quina!


PROMPT #3: Tifa or Aerith

Even when furbies, only one can live.

Furby Tifa and Aerith.jpg