Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate announced


The next mainline title in the Dragon Quest series is in development and for the time being we have only a teaser trailer for its logo. Neither platforms nor even a tentative release date for Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate were announced, but as with most other announced titles in the 35th anniversary stream, Square Enix hopes to launch this title simultaneously worldwide.

According to venerable game and series director Yuji Horii, the 12th mainline installment will pivot to being aimed at adults, with promises of darker, more mature content and themes that will urge players to make critical decisions. The battle system is also still in the prototyping stage; they are currently planning some form of revamp of the traditional combat mechanics, though a form of command-based system will remain.



I'm well looking forward to more Dragon Quest! There hasn't been a bad one since 4 and it looks like they're gonna fix 3 as well (it at least looks stunning). Also, the offline version of 10 could come over here...hnnnnnnnnnnn!