Do you like painting your nails?


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Mar 24, 2009
Sorry, girl thread (or guys if you're in to that kinda stuff). :sad3:

So, do you people like painting your nails? I used to, for the passed 4,5 years though, I wasn't allowed nailpolish at work, and seeing I worked 5 days a week it felt kinda redundant to only do it on weekends.

What kinda colours do you like using? I used to lean towards earthy tones; brown, black, certain shades that aren't too in your face most of the time. For the passed year though, I've taken a liking for purples, I still love brown nail polish, if you can pull of a brown shade on nailpolish I think it's very awesome looking, and thankfully I think I can manage to pull it off. Brown hair and brown eyes etc. :lew:

What's the weirdest colour you've had on? Lime green for me, hahaha. I love being weird sometimes. :lew:

Topic came from just painting my nails for the first time in aaaaaaages. I went with a lilac. :griin:


Can't really see it! Which I don't mind, it'd be weird going dark after so long! :gasp:

Your turn!
I used to love painting my nails too, but it was also a work related issue for me to stop doing it since we handle food (4 and a half years now *sobs*). I was really partial to the shiny/shimmer ones. Silver, light purple, light blue that one rebellious week, lol. Also liked dark bronze/copper colours too. But I sort of default to the simple clear one to give it that shine without being distracting xD

I actually thought about painting my toe nails, but they're not as pretty as my finger nails >3>
Ehh, I've had the clear one on before. I think it was for my uncles wedding and a few other times. I have to admit the actual painting of the nails was pretty fun.

Since it was a clear color I didn't get questioned about it much. Except for the occasional shine in the light. They would be like "what the hell is that?" And I'd cover it up by saying water or something.

Anyway, I've done it a few times against my will. Can't say it was totally horrible. It has a nice feeling. There's no way I'm ever going colored though. :D
i love painting my nails but i hate how fast the colour in about 2 days they start to look tacky which is frustrating.
I love wearing almost any colour really, atm my nails are a redish-pink colour. My favourite colour to paint them though is brown. I think brown looks very nice and classy :griin:

My sister gets her nails done in those professional salons...and while the colour lasts on them for AAAAAGES the long fake nails just look horrible so I wouldn't even consider that.
I go through phases. One minute I love painting my nails, the next I just can't be bothered.

I usually prefer pastel colours such as light baby blues, pinks and purples and then I also love bright neons and full on glitter enamels. >.<

Another one I really like are the Crackle nail polish's. You put on a base coat of whatever colour you want and then the Crackle enamel on top. EG:


My favourite at the moment is my Sally Hansen Gem Crush colours. Blue and Purple being my most favourite. The only thing that sucks about them is that when they chip, they chip off in chunks.
Sometimes I'll be at work and realise that one of my nails is naked due to the nail polish completely chipping off.

gem crush.jpg

At the moment I'm in a "I can't be assed phase."

But I have been super busy with work and had no time I guess. I do have a New Years Eve party tomorrow night so I may paint them then. :ryan:
I paint my nails all the time, I don't like them completely natural, I think they look weird. Most of the time I just have on shiny clear stuff though, it's supposed to be good for my nails but really I only use it because it gives them a lovely shiny effect while still not looking like they're painted. I have very white tips though, so they always look like I've got a french manicure. Once they grow longer though there's too much white and then I paint them dark colours so you can't see. Once I break them and have to shorten them I go back to the clear stuff :) Thankfully I don't have any work restrictions as far as my nails are concerned. I used to bite my nails really short, so I take very good care of them and pay them a lot of attention now that I have them, because for so long they were ugly stubs.
Not since an incident involving my older sister. Suffice it to say, things got messy and Ma pretty much banned it from the house. I think I could slip just one bottle past her, though, which will be a pleasant pastel pink or maybe red. I'd never go for those outrageous colors like lime green or black, which looks pretty ewgh to me. The point of nail polish is to prettify, right? So why would a girl want to resemble a low-budget swamp monster?
i like them being done, but i hate putting nail varnish on, it takes forever i always smudge and i always get things stuck to my nails

i dont really bother much anymore, it chips pretty much straight away so just feels like a waste of time really.

I do like them being painted rather than plain though :sad3:
I love having painted nails but like Kelly said, I HATE the process of putting it on. I have some beautiful nail polishes that take forever to dry so I never use them because I smudge it, and even when I try my hardest to protect them as they dry I always have a brain fade moment and do something like put my hair behind my ear and bam, at least one nail ruined.
So I tend to only use the colours I've got that dry really quickly.
I used to be a cadet and they didn't let me wear makeup in uniform, including nail polish, so I never used to paint my nails as I'd have to remove it every 2 days or so. Now I'm at uni though they're always painted :wacky:
I hate painting my nails. While I do have some pretty polishes I hate the process of putting on a base coat, putting on a couple layers of paint, and then putting on a clear coat to finish. I'll be super careful whilst they dry and I'll STILL end up smudging one of them. I hate doing my nails myself anyways, if I can I go to a place and have them done for me. They always look perfect then.

I'll probably start bringing my polishes in and having them done again at this place that I go to whenever I start working again. A mani there is like $16 and they look pretty perfect for a couple of weeks. Being a nurse doesn't help though. You wash your hands a lot during the day so they chip even faster when you have them done.

Having artificial nails isn't allowed when you work in a hospital as a nurse as they fester germs, but I had them a few times when I was younger. They looked so awesome...but were so expensive to maintain.
I used to paint my nails a fair bit. :hmmm: Unfortunately, the nail polish made my nails go flaky in the end, so I decided I'd just let my nails stay healthy. :lew: They're a nice shape anyway, and nail polish kinda covers that up.

When I did paint my nails, I went with a colour a little like this. :)