Dissidia Final Fantasy NT announced for PS4 - due 2018


If you were hoping for a PS4 version of this arcade game, you are in luck. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT has been officially announced via a Japanese online stream, just after it was leaked by Amazon of all places, with an expected worldwide release of early 2018. This version of the game is developed by Team Ninja, the Koei Tecmo studio known for Nioh, Ninja Gaiden and the Dead or Alive series.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT introduces squad-based battle gameplay by allowing you to wage war with over 20 of your favorite Final Fantasy characters. Combining unparalleled visuals, seamless gameplay, and your favorite characters from the past 30 years of the franchise, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT welcomes all gamers with three-versus-three battles and the series renowned “bravery combat system”. While aiming for supremacy, call forth familiar summons like Ifrit, Shiva, and Odin to aid you and your party! Square Enix is collaborating with Team Ninja, one of the world’s leading developers in the fighting game genre, to bring Dissidia Final Fantasy NT to life.

Key Features

  • Final Fantasy, everything you could ever want – Over 20 playable Final Fantasy heroes and villains to play, over ten iconic battle arenas, legendary summons, tons of equippable weapons and moogles.

  • The return from Eos – Noctis makes his triumphant return to the PS4 as a combatant, fighting to save the world of Dissidia.

  • Legendary narrative – Dive into an all-new Final Fantasy story, written by writer Kazushige Nojima (Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy X, Kingdom Hearts, and Kingdom Hearts II).

  • Your fantasy. Your fight – Each battle you wage, you will gain XP and gil to deepen the customization of your Final Fantasy champion – from EX skills to weapons to skins, level up.

  • Only the brave survive – The bravery combat system allows a much deeper and more methodical approach to the fighting game genre, separating luck from skill.


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I'm actually super hyped!!! I truly loved Dissidia 012, but always felt like it belonged on a larger screen; it fits it well!

It's also a fighting game I'm good at- I'm pretty terrible at street fighter, and decent enough at tekken.

Athough, coming up to 15 games... bragging about "Over 20 characters" isn't all that much tbh!
That's because the rest of them will undoubtedly be DLC, silly!

Welcome to the current generation of games where most of them operate under a service model. It helps me because it means I save money by not buying games at launch where they're probably not worth the full price.
I'm just so excited since this game is a personal dream of mine. An FF fighting game with online and on console is glorious and should last me a long long time. We also have the potential to face each other since most of us all love final fantasy here we can start doing tournaments and the like. You know I'm right! Over 20 characters at launch is good enough for me. I want to see Yuna and Tifa at launch please. If they aren't then Terra is my girl.

Some of my dlc picks would be Rinoa, Edea, Aranea, Ashe, and Rydia just to name a few. I hope we get a variety of villains and heroes and not just 1 of each for each game.
Glad Nojima's helping with story, but I'm tired of the same ol' same ol' characters. I want Aerith, I want Seifer, I want Gilgamesh, I want to play as Vincent. We're just getting the same experience over and over again just copy and pasted from PSP > Arcade > Platform. I'm not interested in this. I'm really not.
I agree with Cali.

While I like the initial idea behind Dissidia (I've always wanted a Final Fantasy fighting game like Tekken), Dissidia hasn't created a fan in me yet.

I'm interested in this game only because there is hope that they might add more characters to it. Dissidia really needs to mix the casting up a lot. When they made a big reveal the other month that there was a new character to be announced I was intrigued, but then it turned out to be Ex-Death (who we've already seen in the original Dissidia games and I thought it was a given that he would be returning...).

We need supporting characters such as Red XIII, Cait Sith, Steiner, Quina, etc, in order to make the playable characters more diverse and representative of what Final Fantasy actually is. So far with Dissidia games we mainly only have the protagonists and main antagonists of each FF game, with only a select few who do not fit that description.

Dissidia has a long way to go to match Tekken as a fighting game experience, but it would have a good shot at being the tribute to Final Fantasy which it has always wanted to be if it would give us more characters.
I was really excited when I saw that this game will be available on PS4, not just arcade! I was really jealous that Japanese could play it, but we couldn't, but now we finally can!*3*
I haven't even played the Dissidia games at all, but seeing it in E3 made me just more curious and hyped!
But I really hope more characters can be played with, 20+ characters are really just a few...:/