Crisis Core Did you cry? Were you moved?


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Jan 16, 2007
Im talking of course about that ending in CC. I want to hear any stories or comments about your feelings when you were watching "The Ending" of the latest compilation title Crisis Core.

Personally, my heart was ripped out of my stomach it seemed. O' the agony.
1st he gets mutilated by the strongest being in the planet Sephiroth. Then he is tested on by the most inhumane sicko on the planet. Then he carries his friend down a mountain through a town, and several miles more while fighting off hordes upon hordes of shrina grunts with machine guns and beating sticks. Then he has to fight thousands of shrina soldiers just to get defeated by the last three. Unable to see his girlfriend one last time, unable to see his parents, and his last memory of his best friend was him as a mindless vegetable, and noone except aerith remembers you despite your lifelong dream was to become a hero.

The last scene was just so heart wrenching, Clouds pain is so visible, so what did you guys think??
I had to fight back the tears considering I beat the game while at work, but when I got home after it, boy did it hit me cause of the song "The Price of Freedom" is such a moving song for the final moments leading to Zack's final breath.
his final memory of cloud isnt cloud in a vegetable state its him giving cloud his honor and dreams if only he wouldave seen cloud reaching out to him when he went to fight all those bloody grunts. even tho i new he was going to die it still effected me because well you get attached to the characters those last few dmws were awsom to the max. so many things zack had left to do .. find out cissenes real name read those 88 letters and become a hero at least i will always look at zack as the true hero of the ff7 series cloud is a poser.... lol maybe not.
The whole final sequence (cutscene and actual play) is the best in gaming. Once Zack reads that letter and heads off towards Midgar the game was nearly impossible to play. But when Zack lays Cloud down and walks toward the army and then the DMW goes off... I had to pause the game because I could no longer hold the PSP steady.

When the battle is over and the cutscene begins, particularly with the rain and Aerith, it became even more emotional. It surprised me how much I was affected by all of this, especially since I knew what was going to happen since before the game was released, but Zack and his relationship with Aerith was so beautifully fleshed out that the ending was just so much more tragic than I ever thought.

The ending and the rest of the game was just perfect and I am surprised at how different now segments of the original play out. Knowing the relationship of Cloud/Zack/Aerith and even a deeper understanding to Sephiroth and Tseng really makes a couple of segments stand out that never did before (especially the hints Aerith drops about Zack up to Gongaga and the way she brushes his disappearance off). Crisis Core was beyond what I expected and has rekindled the faith that video games can still offer an intense and emotional connection to a character.
I cried, only the second time in any computer game. I couldn't hold the tears back, I've become so endeared to Zack and it's so painful seeing everything he goes through, just for things to end the way they did, it was genuinely tragic. I cried for Cloud too, he usually doesn't get to me but I really felt for him too, he'd been cared for by Zack all that time.

Can't say more, tears coming back...
i no what you mean one of the saddest video game endings ive ever seen and i new it was going to happen it just upsets me that square can manipulate theire fans into feeling so emotion over chars that we no are going to die for a fact. its insane but to be killed by grunts. truly sad. the price of freedom is truly high.
Despite my utter hatred for all of the Final Fantasy VII Compilation, I must say that I was actually getting a bit misty while watching that final FMV. It was simply a very well-executed and emotional scene that was easily a tear-jerker as far as I'm concerned. "The Price of Freedom" is all kinds of epic, and just goes perfectly with the hopeless battle that Square insisted on having us play through. Honestly, the worst part of it all was probably watching Zack fight off that endless swarm of ShinRa MPs and seeing his memories and ability to stay alive fading away through the DMW. Of course, Square added insult to injury by making us "fight" those last three ShinRa MPs (or try to, anyway), further demonstrating just how determined Zack was to protect his friend. Even when full of holes and exhausted to the point where he could hardly lift his weapon, he perseved. For as terrible as the rest of the Compilation is, this particular scene was incredibly moving for me.

I think the fact that you know it's coming makes it worse. Any FFVII fan knows from the very beginning of Crisis Core that it's eventually going to end with Zack's death. They're just playing through Zack's last years on the Planet, watching him grow and mature from the headstrong yet overly-optimistic young Second Class SOLDIER to the selfless hero we see in the final FMV, all the while waiting for the inevitable final battle. After the boss fight against Sephiroth at the Nibelheim Reactor, the player knows it's just a matter of time. Come the last chapter, it's perfectly reasonable to assume that significant emotional tension had already been built up, all of which is released as Zack makes his last stand.

Oh, and the fact that they were just a few more miles from Midgar really got me. Zack and Cloud had come incredibly far. Had they managed to flee for just a bit longer (or had the Turks not been so freakin' slow...), who knows how the story of Final Fantasy VII could've changed? It's just sad to think that Zack had almost made it, only to be gunned down at the last possible minute before making it "home free." He's a very likeable character, so despite knowing that his death is inevitable, I genuinely wanted to see him succeed.

So yeah, I wasn't crying endlessly or losing sleep over the whole thing, but needless to say, I did get quite emotional at the end of Crisis Core. I commend Square-Enix for actually producing something enjoyable in the FFVII Compilation.
I teared up a wee bit. It was pretty sad, considering the fact I'd forgotten that Zack had to die while I was playing crisis core. D'=

But it just leaves a shitty feeling on me that he's come so far, just to finally realize my hero is about to get turned into swiss cheese by piles of flaming faggotry. I never thought I'd ever like Zack as much as I dooooooo, and naow it suckssssssssssss:'(

It still moves me, every time I beat the game. D:
The ending of the game was well done on squares part. I agree with The_Oathkeeper. Though i was not in tears or anything it was a very emotional ending to a game where i already knew the ending. Well done i square's part.
The ending was very, very well done. They actually make you play Zack when he fights off all of the soldiers, and I started crying when he couldn't attack anymore of them. It was so sad when it showed his final thoughts in the DMW being of Aerith, and I wished so badly that he could have made it back to her. I cried alot during the ending, and I hate that such a great character had to die.
Well I beat the game tonight and let me say, I have never cried in a video game the way I did this one. Sure I've been choked up or let a few tears slip but this one just had me, well...really crying. It's the whole experience. The whole ending sequence, that last battle with the DMW scenes, the whole thing between him and Cloud. How Zack gives Cloud his honor and Cloud's emotion at the loss of his friend.

Also I got choked up during the scene with Aerith. I think she knew. I think the planet told her that it was going to take Zack and the heartbreaking look on her face, the tears in her eyes just tore into me. I felt so sorry for her. Cloud's reaction to Zack's death and Zack's was just everything. The whole time you're striving and fighting for the people you care about and love, to protect your SOLIDER honor and to become a hero only to fall to such a terrible, tragic demise. It's heart-wrenching. Zack was amazing...right until the very end. He's truly a hero.
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Aye, the ending was already written from the very beginning, but the way it was really moved me, to the verge of crying...
Yeah... it was a really sad experience, but it was perfect for the event, :S

And yeah... it's really hard to accept it when you've gotten so attached to a character.
I think that the ending was incredibly sad and well done. After the last fight when you see Zack being shot through his eyes, it looks so real i think i flinched. Also Cloud being my favorite video game character ever, I was glad to be able to learn more about the person who helped him onto his feet but it was such a shame to see it end that way. Although i am happy that they have that scene where Angeal (at least i think it's him) is flying down to Zack, it was good to know that he was at peace. I know that the answer to the question at the end of the game is yes, we all think that Zack became a hero.
I have only cried during video games about four times, and that is a pretty good record considering how many games I have played. This instills emotion just like that of the original, remembering that not only does Zack get gunned down in a beautiful blaze of glory but also that later on in life, Aerith will suffer a similiar fate to the hands of Sephiroth.

I have officially cried twice thanks to a Final Fantasy 7 game, for the deaths of the two lovers that only wished to protect their friends and the planet.

Zack's death, sorrowful and emotional was probably the best, and saddest moment from FF7. I cried like I had lost an old friend almost, it made me that emotional and I love Zack as a character that much.

All in all, this game is one of the few I've ever seen to be broken u into parts and still manage to make me cry multiple times.

The price of freedom truly is high.....

Zack, you are a hero in my book!
once again i am truly surprised by square they take something and turn in it into something more btw love the sig zidane were can i one like it

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thanks for all the posts you guy's. Im glad no one was as disturbed as i am now at my intro post, i think it;s very untactful, shameful, and immature, seeing as so many people felt that this was such a special scene i should of been more careful with it. Anyways yes this is the second time i cried during any fictional medium. (first being sailor moon ending way back when i drank out of a sippy cup, so leave me alone you guys) and the astonishing part was that although you've seen it in last order and you seen it in FFVII and somewhat in AC, until it happens, it never really hits home, and when it does, It hits hard. Anyway thanks for your thoughts and experiences.

Oh and one more sidenote. This has made me excited for FFXIII, knowing that SE can still make good games.
:) :)
I havent finished the game yet. but my favorite games are the ones that can move me to tears. I cried at the end of Kingdom Hearts 1 and am hoping this game can make me do it again. People say that video games are a waste of time and the majority of the time they are, but if a game can move a person so much and make them feel so happy aswel, I don't consider that a waste of time.
My best friend laughed at me when I told him, but I cried like a little b!tch for like an hour. Literally. I was sobbing worse than when Aerith died in the original game. And a little off topic but IMHO, the Jenova-Life fight during her death sequence was out of place, a bad move and uncalled for by Squaresoft (As they were known back then)...

I rarely cry at movies, last one I did I could say was The passion of the Christ. Before that, I don't remember. And to date FF7 was the only game prior to CC that's made me cry. I'm not going to be able to see the CC ending again for a little bit, it's just really way over the top sad. It doesn't help that I've recently been diagnosed with severe depression with a side of suicidal tendencies, so I'll stick to missions for a while. Good ol'e Zack-is-alive-unless-I-screw-up MISSIONS... They're quite fun anyhow, until the lack of different backdrops starts becoming monatanous, one of the game's few and I stress few flaws...