Fan Fiction Diclonius girl/Kadaj


Mar 12, 2016
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Story about girl bullied for her unusual appearance(for those who doesn`t know - diclonius is creatures from dramatical anime elfen lied about mutant-girls who got mistreated badly for their appearance - they looks overall like girls but they have horns and most of people hate them for this) and went through abusive relationships, found solace in Kadaj`s arms but still felt fear he may turned the same like her ex was:
Now, im with Kadaj it felt good with him, he is nice to me
But still i felt anxious
Im afraid it turns out like in previous time
I had guy, he was nice to me, hw was the first guy who iever meet and who didnt make fun of my horns
he treated me the way no one treated me, he invited me on date, in cinema, holding my hand, give me ice cream
He treated me like normal girl
I thought he was a good person, it turned out i was wrong
I started afraid to lose him, it seems he admitted it

He started to be harsh with me, always insulrt me and told me to shut up
It was unpleasant but still i was afraid he leaves me and i thought maybe i done something wrong

He cheated on me and didnt hide it, tired from his disparaging demeanor i finally decided to confront him about his behaviour with me

He told me everything, that i was his plaything, that it was fun to observe how such proud and morose creature like myself letted someone abuse her so much and still afraid him to leave
He told me there is no way in hell he would fell for mutant
but even without this phrase it was already enough

My mind got blurred, my long-suppressed power aweken, i riped out his head.

I still crying whenever i reflecting on that time i was with him, when i was so naive and he was so assholish
He still haunts me and im afraid new guy would do something like this too
Kadaj is not human, so he supposed to be better
suppose to understand what i was went through
but is hard for me to trust after that jerk

I`m also doubt Zack would scold Aerith, Tifa, Cloud e t c for killing of harming someone who tried to kill them

Stranger, unknown guy was more important for my ex than me
it wasnt nornal i shouldnt allow it
but i didnt know, i was young unexperienced
Kadaj is not this, he is not judging me for protecting myself
he charish me more than them
But still there is also can turn out some unexpected problems