Outdated Currency System [end. 2020]

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Dec 14, 2006
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Information about the site's currency system and how they work can be found here. Please take the time to read carefully.

This site has three different currency: Gil, Community Tokens (CT) and GP (Gold Points).

As users earn Gil, CT and GP, they can purchase all sorts of goodies in MogShop.

Items that can be bought depends on member usergroup (for example, colored usernames are not available for new members to purchase), but generally all registered users can purchase special privileges and upgrades for their account.


FFF Coin_Gil_100.png

What is Gil?
Gil is the normal type of currency used here on Final Fantasy Forums. A member can easily acquire Gil by triggering events.

Points (Gil) System:

Daily Activity (Awarded on first login each day)1
Vote (Choosing poll options)1
Post Liked (Received)1
Reacted (Received)1
Post (Adding a post to a thread)2
Thread (Creating a forum topic)3
Registration (A new user registers on the forum)25

You can also earn Gil for winning contests and participating in events. Be on the look out for announcements as we hold a few events every year.

What can I purchase with Gil?
Members can purchase basic features such as increased storage PM capacity, user title perks, colored thread, and the likes. Final Fantasy sprites in the Ancient Forest shop are also great for gifting! In addition, users can purchase Birthday and Christmas gifts for their friends using Gil, and the recipient(s) will manually receive 1 GP! Birthday gifts are limited in stock...but available all year round! Christmas gifts are available in December only.


FFF Coin_CT_100.png

What is CT?
Community Tokens is awarded through community participation and effort. A user cannot earn CT the same fashion as earning Gil - it is not tied to Points/Events in any way. Instead, CT is earned by participating/winning in our contests and events (Birthweek, Christmas Events, Raffles, etc.) held throughout the year, so be sure to watch out for them!

What can I purchase with CT?
While Gil is mostly for basic features and permissions, CT is an incentive to boost activity through special perks like colored usernames, smiley purchases, and the likes.

Forum Active Time EventVaries
Participating/Winning CompetitionsVaries


FFF Coin_GP_100.png

What is GP?
Gold Points is a special type of currency that is much harder to acquire. A user cannot earn GP the same fashion as earning Gil and CT, due to monetary value attached to it. Most importantly, this is a special incentive for raising our community spirit and a our way of saying thank you for the continued support and contribution. The only way to receive GP is through Admin rewards, which will be manually adjusted and monitored.

What can I purchase with GP?
GP is strictly tied to monetary rewards (e.g. gift cards, games) so do your best to collect GP when the opportunity arises!

For questions regarding the Gil, CT, and GP currency, please contact the staff.
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The severe devaluing of copper makes it useless to all but the poor and poverty stricken, but gold is particularly uncommon. Most of the middle class will have most of their money in silver. Copper is more valuable melted into ingots and sold to the dwarves for use in their own inventions.

Every word of this is... true! :argor:

And by posting this you have gained 3 Gil and demonstrated the system in action. And then I 'reacted' to the post and you gained a further 1 Gil. Soon enough you'll have enough to pay the dwarves to stop singing Heigh-Ho!

Being real, if anyone has any questions about currency and would like some tips on how to easily acquire it, you need only ask and we're also always open to suggestions. Likewise, if there is anything you would like us to add to the MogShop, suggest it to us. :)

Please make any suggestions via private message to any of our admins or make use of our Feedback Platform board:

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