T’is the month before Christmas, and all through the forum,
Not a member is posting, not even without decorum;
Yet members still log in and observe with care,
In hopes that FFF activities soon will be there;
The members are busy or bored with their kind;
While visions of moogle murderers dance in their minds…


Sir Mogathon Pomcroft, the disgraced 9th Earl of Mogton, yells from his prison cell.

“May I not compose a satirical poem about the place which condemned me to rot for the minor and rather trivial offence of committing a murder, kup-O?”

The condemned moogle looks out of his prison cell window overlooking a dreamy, snowy landscape. A rolling tear warms his cheek before freezing and sticking to his fur. His pathetic sigh is sharply invaded by a deep, chesty cough. Wheezing, the prisoner returns to his bed to dream of the warm fires of his ancestral home, forever lost.

“By Jove, kup-O! Save me from this frost!”



Christmas 2017

We should not let the villainous Sir Mogathon Pomcroft be correct! Let us enjoy Christmas and breathe warm life into the forum.

We may only be in November, but we decided to launch FFF’s Christmas 2017 early this year so that we have a head start.

From now, several competitions and events will be running. There will be another White Elephant event, a raffle, a guess the number of M&Ms in a jar challenge, a crossword, another Christmas Joke competition, screenshot contests, and more.

Grab your balls to get rewards:

This year ‘Christmas Balls’ will be distributed to the winners of each event. Whoever has the most balls by the end of our Christmas event shall be awarded the coveted ‘Heroic Holly’ award!

The two runner-ups will be awarded Kudos awards. Remember that awards can be traded in for CT and GP via the Milestone Awards system.

Win the FFF Photobook discount!

Additionally, we are happy to announce that a physical copy of FFF’s Photobook will be going up for sale in the MogShop on December 15th! Anybody who participates in the Christmas events is eligible for a 30% discount on the Photobook item, so participate if you hope for a good bargain!

Watch this space for upcoming details on the exact cost.


These events shall have varying start and end dates. The full details and rules of the various events shall be posted in the relevant threads in Competition & Events section.

Merry Christmas!



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Dr. Frederick Chilton: I think we'll remove Dr. Lecter's toilet seat as well