Christmas 2015


Christmas 2015

Separated from his party, the snow is Mogbert’s silent companion as he softly wades his way North. The expedition was a sure failure, the young moogle decides, losing track of the number of weeks he has been walking. As the moogle collapses like chocolate into soft ice cream, the wind steals the letter from his hands, seeming to suck Mogbert’s written wishes into the abyssal mouth of the night sky above him. Suddenly colourful waves of bright green, pink, and blue flash in the firmament, awakening the unconscious moogle from his milky blanket. The sky enjoyed its meal.

The distant jingling of bells disturb the silence of Mogbert’s snowy sepulchre. He looks up to notice a glowing red orb drawing closer and closer. As the mysterious orb reaches our moogle its illumination reveals a sleigh pulled by 9 chocobos, the front chocobo's beak providing the light. Mogbert slaps himself and buries his head back under the snow to wake himself up.

‘Ho ho ho! We got ourselves an ostrich! If you stay under there you’ll freeze your little pom-pom off!’

Mogbert looked up again, in incredulous awe. ‘Y-you, kupo! I’d hoped! I mean, I knew it, kupo!’

The sleigh-driver smiles, takes the moogle’s letter from under his coat and winks.

‘Ho ho! I got it. And I read it. It was a lovely gesture, though you didn’t need to come all the way out nowhere to wish me that. Thank you! Oh! My reply…’

The large, jovial man reaches into his pocket and picks out a large kupo nut, topped with a neat red ribbon. This he hands over to Mogbert with one hand whilst he helps the beaming moogle into his sleigh with the other.

‘Ho ho ho! I return a Merry Christmas to you too!’


It’s that time of year again where our hearts melt while our bodies freeze. As is tradition, Final Fantasy Forums shall also be celebrating Christmas in 2015!

During the Christmas event several competitions will run. There will be a number of returning favourites and forum staples (such as White Elephant and another P.O.S.T event), but there shall also be several new events for this year. For those who fancy contributing to writing a poem, there shall be a collaborative Christmas Poem event. FFXIV players might like to dress festive, for there shall be a Yuletide Screenshot Contest! FFF shall also get an official online Christmas tree, and you may gift ornaments and place them on the tree alongside messages.

There really should be something for everyone.

These events shall begin from December 1st, with varying start and end dates. The full details and rules of the various events shall be posted in the relevant threads in Competition & Events section.

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas, FFF!

My M&M jar won't be ready week for another couple weeks, but do look out for that. =]