Christmas 2014


Somewhere up North there are reindeer clopping about, eating their magical feed and bathing in the energies of the Northern Lights. The stars are glistening blindingly above, but also act like a cosmic orchestra, chiming a crisp, melodic soundtrack which pierces the otherwise silent, snowy landscape. Inside, there are sleigh-bells being shaken, tested, and approved for use. A large, red-faced, jovial man is chuckling ceaselessly as a collection of diminutive elves sew a big, red costume and start to wheel in large carts filled with letters, all in tune with the jolly music being provided by an in-house band. Either we’re dreaming, or Christmas must be approaching!

I hear groans from the back there that we’re still in November, but we thought that we’d give a heads up regarding our numerous plans for Christmas related competitions and events here on Final Fantasy Forums. This year there will be a number of returning favourites (Secret Santa, White Elephant, Candy Canes, Santa's Sack), but there shall also be several new events for this year. There really should be something for everyone.

For new events consider racking your brains over how many M&Ms might be in Mitsuki’s jar! If you feel lucky, you might also want to play Dionysos’ new game, featuring Toby the Tree. Here you shall request baubles to be placed on Toby’s branches, and Dionysos shall draw these on, but be careful because each round will see the naughty moogle known as Mogrinch attempt to knock them off! Fancy yourself an artist? If so, Sprout might be hosting another caricature competition. Are you ready to show off your tinsels? What will your Christmas tree look like this year? More info from Six soon!

These are but a taster of the events that will be offered this year. This might prove to be the most ambitious Christmas forum event yet, so we do hope that we can all have fun!

These events shall begin on December 1st, with varying start and end dates. The full details and rules of the various events shall be posted closer to the event.

For now, have a great November. But, come December, let us make this Christmas a glorious affair!


Hype. Also, the banner is too large and a notice eclipses a portion of it notifying me of such.

Even though I'll be running some events myself, I look forward to entering a few! Nice article, Dan. I enjoyed reading this one.