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Dec 14, 2006
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Hey guys, I'm pleased to announce that we just installed the new 'shoutbox' today! I'll start calling it 'chatroom' from now on because that's essentially what it is. I know you guys have been asking for this since we moved, so hopefully you guys like it.

Thanks to @Lord Golbez for purchasing this product and @Belazor et Britannia for installing it for us.

This new chat system is packed with tons of cool features. Please see here for more info.

We will allow members the ability to create 'rooms' but there has to be a reasonable limit (and total). That's still being discussed by the staff, so until further notice, this feature is disabled for now. Last thing we want is for the site to explode because we have over 50+ chatrooms. Perhaps we can put this option in the shop later. Now there's an idea! :-)

Rooms can be password-protected, but staff would still be able to access that. So let me just say it here now: please no steamy conversations in these rooms! I would prefer not to accidentally stumble on one here. =P Joking aside, just please be aware that it won't be totally private in case the staff needs to check/mod for legit reasons. Private conversations should be kept in PMs.

Right now we have a General Chat which is available for all usergroups. A Veteran Lounge will be created for Veterans as well. In the future we may even look into guild/clans related chat.

Also, I know that it's huge compared to our old shoutbox back in vBulletin era. How are you guys liking the new size? Too much? There might be ways to decrease it a bit. Right now it sits at the very top of the site but that will change once we install AJAX Top X Stats. A much better option: simply go to your Chat settings > Display mode. You can move the chat system anywhere you like (All pages if you really can't live without it, Above or Below forum / content list, sidebars, etc). I highly recommend display mode set to Top Sidebar so that it's not in the way when you're browsing the forums. It's nice and portable so that you can quickly glance at what's going on, and if you want to fully immerse yourself in the chatroom, then Chat tab is your friend.

Or you can even disable the chat...but why would you want to do that? =[

Anyway, that's that then.

Suggestions welcome! Happy chatting.
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