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Jul 28, 2010
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Squall Leonhart: Age: 17, Height: 5'8", DOB: Aug 23

Squall is the main protagonist of finalfantasy8. Starting off in Balamb Garden, he has what is called a gunblade. After getting injured in a sparring session with his gunblade counter part, Seifer, the game begins with him in the Garden Hospital. He is very cold, silent, and at many times unemotional. Throughout the game, his demeanor and attitude changes drastically, as he finds out his history and who he is.

Rinoa Heartilly: Age: 17, Height: 5'3 1/2", DOB: Mar 3
Rinoa is the other main protagonist, but we meet her on the SeeD's first project, as she is the leader of a rebel group against the Galbadian president, named the Forest Owls. Rinoa is very sensitive, and caring, and has a bit of mysterious undertow around her. Be prepared for many surprises concerning her character, and also her very interesting relationship with Squall.

Quistis Trepe: Age: 18, Height: 5'6", DOB: Oct 4
Quistis is a SeeD instructor at Balamb Garden, and interesting enough, one of the youngest and quickest to obtain that position. She uses a chain whip, and can be a very powerful character if used correctly. Her beauty created a little following called, "The Trepies." She lacks stern demeanor and is not really the teaching type, but she's always supporting Squall, and throughout the game seems like she really likes him, and appreciates his skill

Zell Dincht: Age: 17, Height: 5'5", DOB: Mar 17
Zell is very emotional and somewhat immature. He gets jeered a lot by Seifer, and seems to be very temperamental. He uses martial arts and combos. His impulsive reactions tend to get him in trouble and undermine correct decisions, but nonetheless, he's a very important character in combat. His hometown is in the city of Balamb, and is where his mother currently lives. Try playing cards with her!

Selphie Timmett: Age: 17, Height: 5'1 1/2", DOB: Jul 16
Selphie is a transfer student from another garden called Trabia. She's outgoing and sincere, and very sweet. She is running the festival at Balamb Garden. She uses the nonchaku. I didn't find much use from her in battle, but she's a very interesting character.
Irvine Kinneas: Age: 17, Height: 6'0", DOB Nov 24
Irvine uses a gun, and we find him as a sharpshooter for Galbadia Garden when the gang and the forest owls go after President Deling. He is very good around the ladies, but is bad under pressure. I like Irvine quite a bit, and he could be a great asset to your team.
Laguna Loire: Age: 27, Height: 5'9", DOB Jan 3
Laguna is one of three characters present in a dreamsequence, first happening on the train ride to Timber to meet up with the Forest Owls. It seems to be a past episode. Laguna is a strong leader in these dream sequences, and uses a machine gun. He's part of the Galbadian Army. He's a little tense around the woman he likes, the piano player, Julia.
Kiros Seagill: Age: 23, Height: 6'4", DOB Jul 6
Not much is known about Kiros, but he's a real good friend of Laguna, and also a partner of his in the Galbadian Army. He's very caring and witty.
Ward Zabac: Age: 25, Height: 7'0", DOB: Feb 25
Ward is absolutely huge. He uses a very heavy weapon, called the harpoon. He's the third of the Laguna dream trio. He has unwavering dedication to his friends.
Seifer Almasy: Age: 18, Height: 6'2", DOB: Dec 22
Seifer is the other man at Balamb GArden with a gunblade, and also the one who injured Squall during a sparring session. He's the leader of a Disciplinary committee at the Garden, along with his two misfits, Raijin and Fujin. He's arrogant, and dislikes his position, and feels ungratified for what he supposedly does. His jealousy of Squall also gets him into a problem, as he becomes that not only to himself, but to Squall and everyone else. Pay attention to his history with Rinoa.
Edea we meet as a sorceress, but it is eventually gone from her, and she becomes playable briefly. She's very important to the storyline of the game, and also is a part of a very interesting history with everyone. Initially, she was on the "dark side" working with President Deling.
Non Player Characters:
Headmaster Cid: He's the leader of the Balamb Garden. His intentions of creating the SeeD project are unknown at first, but he's a friendly man, and tried to keep everyone happy. His role becomes very important later on as more information is discovered throughout the game.
Raijin and Fujin: The male and female part of the Disciplinary Committee that Seifer leads. They are loyal to him through any endeavor he wishes to perform, good or bad.
Ultimecia: She is the person behind all of this. A sorceress throughout the times, she will be your ultimate foe. Her influence on your allies are more potent then you would like them to be.
Ellone: Perhaps one of the most important characters that is unplayable, at least in my opinion. The power she has is very important to your allies, and also very important to your enemies. Keep attention to whenever she enters the scene, for, it's rare that it isn't something important that you may miss.


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