Blitzball - Besaid Aurochs - What to do about Botta?


New member
Feb 9, 2022
After Wakka becomes available, the Aurochs have three good forwards (Tidus (Jecht Shot), Wakka (Aurochs Spirit), Datto (high Speed)), and one bad defender (Botta).

Botta is a bad defender despite his acceptable Attack and Blocking stats because he cannot keep the ball after taking it due to his low Passing and Endurance stats. I am content to keep Jassu, Letty, and Keepa, but Botta just seems to be a liability.

Is there something that makes Botta worth keeping? Does he have any particularly useful techniques? I seem to recall that not everyone can learn Brawler, but Botta can, and that's useful, but how rare and useful is it?

Have you come up with any interesting field assignments and/or tactics which mitigate the hole in the Aurochs' defense?