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Balamb Garden & Subforums
Rules & Guidelines

Balamb Garden is used for all media topics for any form of news or entertainment.
The following rules & guidelines apply for all of Balamb Garden and it's subforums: Theatre Quad, Music Centre & Library of the Ancients.​

General Forum Rules
General Forum rules apply. You can read them here.

Illegal Software & Content
Illegal content is not allowed, including discussions on emulators, torrents, warez, music, film downloading and posting links to places which can illegally obtain software, music, videos etc.

Copyright Infringement / Plagiarism:
Do not post material that does not belong to you and claim it as your own. Always give proper credit to the rightful owner. You can use other people's work as reference as long as you do not duplicate it exactly as it is written. While many ideas are not always original and that most literature, art, media are based on previous projects, please be mindful of duplicating other people’s work without prior consent from the author.

Balamb Garden Subforums
Only threads containing topics that don't belong in other subforums may go here in Balamb Garden. The following is quick descriptions for acceptable threads for all of Balamb Garden's subforums:

Theatre Quad
All discussions on TV series, cartoons, movies & any other watchable media may be discussed here within the Theatre Quad.

Music Centre
From your favorite bands to your favorite artists - discuss anything related to music here within the Music Centre. For posting your own musical creations please refer to Cosmo Canyon where artistic display is more suitable.

Library of the Ancients
Anything related to books, magazines, poetry and all other forms of written entertainment may be discussed here within the Library of the Ancients. No library cards needed!
For posting your own literary creations please refer to Cosmo Canyon where artistic display is more suitable.

If you have any more questions, feel free to PM a Gaia Moderator or any other member of staff. We're friendly and are here for you!

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