Alternative Techniques.

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Jun 18, 2006
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So I downloaded Photoshop with Mark, Jay and everyone else and we're all about the same level. However, I feel like I'm stuck at this level :P All I'm capable of doing right now is downloading various brushes and using them ... but what other techniques are there?

Clearly define what you're on about, and tell me how to get there, if you've got advice xD I'm not too quick with the terminology yet.
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Feb 19, 2007
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Try using filters (especially the ones under "Distort" and "Liquify"). Also, instead of using brushes for effect you can use C4Ds or patterns. You can also use the Pen Tool too make shapes and cool stuff. You can find tutorials on using the Pen Tool and C4Ds everywhere.

Also, you can use stock photos for colouring and texturing. Here's a site with loads of good free stocks:

Play around with blending mods and opacities. Soft Light usually gives a nice effect. With most C4Ds use lighten or those in that category (Lighten, Screen, Color/Linear Dodge). Exclusion is sometimes nice as well. Hue and Color are both useful for changing the colouring of you sig.

Adjustment layers are so so useful. Go to (at the top) Layer>New Adjustment Layer. You should see loads of options there.

Levels - This adjusts the brightness of your sig. Move the right slider towards the middle and it gets brighter, move the left slide towards the middle and it gets darker. You can also move the middle slider.

Curves - can be used to adjust Brightness/Contrast, though you can just use Brightness/Contrast

Color Balance - Can be used to adjust the colouring on Shadows, Midtones and Highlights. Is good for separating out parts and colours, and also for adjusting the general color scheme

Brightness/Contrast - speaks for itself

Hue/Saturation - can be used to change the colours of a piece (though I wouldn't recommend this for it), and can be used to determine saturation (how much color is in it). If you tick colorize, you can apply one color to your piece. Useful for colouring b/w images.

Selective Color and Channel Mixer - both can be used to bring out particular colors and blend colors. Experiment with these.

Gradient Map - Also helps colouring. These can be good for blending, and are very easy to use. Have at least one of these on all my sigs (in general).

Photo Filter - can make your piece warmer/cooler. Experiment.

GTG, will give a bit more later ;)