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  1. Prometheus

    Banner Request

    Alright, so been a while guys. I need someone's help. School just started back up recently, and I was tasked by my anime club to make the new website. Everything is done, aside from a banner. I had to use some random banner from google. Only real requirements I have is that it says 'DCHS...
  2. Prometheus

    Aaaannnnddddd am back...again.

    'Ello ladies and gents, been a while. Seeing as everything is all new and badass, I'll try to get on more. If I can manage to actually get stuff working at school. >_> If any of you say welcome, I will end you.
  3. Prometheus

    Avi & Sig Request ^_^

    Mmkay, so whomever embarks on this, i will love you forever. XD Need a sig and avi cause im just :awesome: Creative control is given, with a few minor things. Any of the following pics will work, doesn't matter much to me...
  4. Prometheus

    Right, so... (RPG)

    So just recently, the RPG has become less and less populous... If anyone would like to have some suggestions and something that we should do to bring some life back to it, either post here, or in the suggestions thread...
  5. Prometheus


    I'm now officially an uncle :D:D:D:D:D:D
  6. Prometheus

    The Moron Militia

    Ok, so my friend's told me to post this, it's mainly just them doing a bunch of stupid stuff... I haven't really checked it at all. :wacky:
  7. Prometheus

    And so it has happened....

    I.....finallly........ SHAVEDDDD :D:D:D:D:D
  8. Prometheus

    A request if you will

    So would somebody like to make me an avi and sig of Allen Walker from D. Gray-Man? If possible i would like this picture used-- Can find a different one if necessary. Only thing that i am requesting it say on it somewhere is "Allen...
  9. Prometheus

    Prome has a request

    Okay so could somebody make me a set of 'The Joker'? Preferably a picture of him from "The Dark Knight".. And only thing i would like it to say is.. "Why so serious?" Other than that, whomever so chooses to do this, you have creative authority. :D Thanks guys.
  10. Prometheus

    Crisis Core Costly Punch Materia

    So who actually got it? I know i did... and it's simply AMAZING..... you get it from fusing goblin punch and like Octoslash or something... but who else got it?
  11. Prometheus

    Happy Birthday Sean!!

    Lawl, happy birthday and such to Sean, or those of whom don't know by his name, Keyblade of Destiny. 16 huh.... oh noes.... your gonna start driving now...... don't hit to many people >_< Have a good one in the case that i might not be on for a couple days.
  12. Prometheus


  13. Prometheus

    Post Some Fucking Cats

    Do it NAO! :gasp:
  14. Prometheus

    PC Runes of Magic

    K so this is a fairly new MMORPG, but from what I've seen it looks almost exactly like WoW.... and its free to boot.... I'm currently downloading it.... but has anybody on here played it yet to give a positive/negative feedback? EDIT: Here is the site:
  15. Prometheus

    Prome's NEW GFX

    K so would someone be so kind as to delete/close my other GFX thread? I think tis on like 4th page. But anyways.... been sick these past couple days and have just been messing around with photoshop. So these are basically all the same thing, some are just different sizes/colors. These are...
  16. Prometheus

    Favorite Playable Character

    Cloud Strife- Sephiroth(even if it is for that one fight at the beginning)- Tifa Lockheart- Vincent Valentine- Barret Wallace- Nanaki/Red XIII- Cait Sith- Yuffie Kisaragi- Cough cough.... lmfao.... my favorites here are Cloud and Sephiroth.... Cloud because his whole storyline in general...
  17. Prometheus

    Favorite Playable Character

    Tidus- Wakka- Yuna- Lulu- Auron- Kimahri- Rikku- And for that one battle against the sin spawn... Seymour- I think my favorite out of the FFX characters would be Auron... Even though he was technically "dead" he still kicked major ass. And just the look about him, it made him look like a...
  18. Prometheus

    Favorite Playable Character

    Who is yours? Zidane Tribal- Princess Garnet/Dagger- Adelbert Steiner- Freya- Quina- Eiko- Vivi Ornitier- Amarant- Temporary Use character-(sorry for small photos, couldn't find bigger ones) Blank- Cinna- Marcus- (getting the biggest picture cuz she is made of pure awesome)Beatrix- EDIT...
  19. Prometheus

    Can i have yo numbah
  20. Prometheus

    Old Dalan

    Lmao, so i was playing FFXII recently, does anybody know what that thing beside Dalan is? Looks like some prehistoric sort of bong... but idk, and if you just sit there and watch him, he keeps putting it in his mouth, and in the talkscenes with him, he even sounds somewhat stoned/high/etc...