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    SPOILERS My review of FFIX

    I actually completed this back in June but didn't get round to writing a review til now. Sorry for the delay. I love FF7 and FF8 but having played those two back to back I must say it made a change of scenery to have a FF game with a medieval setting (with a bit of industrial technology thrown...
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    My review of FFVIII

    Only a few weeks after completing FFVII (and posting a review of it) I completed FFVIII a couple of days ago for only the second ever time and 18 years after the first time. Playing it through again made me realise how much of it I'd forgotten. For example I remember battling Ultimecia at the...
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    My review of FFVII

    I recently joined this forum and introduced myself in my OP in the new Bodhum forum where I explained how I got into the FF series. I also mentioned FFVII was my fave out of those I'd played but I'd also incredibly gone about fourteen years without playing an FF game and fifteen years since I'd...
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    Hi! New member

    So I've been a Final Fantasy fan fan since my brother bought FF7 not long after we got the first PlayStation console in 1997. He turned out not to like it much despite being the one who bought it whereas I loved it and the rest is history. I completed the game eventually and then moved on to...