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  1. Jack's Smirking Revenge

    Mene is a right bastard

    If you don't remember, Mene is the moogle who allows you to play Chocobo Hot & Cold. I've been replaying 9 over the last week or so and it really struck me how awful Mene is. His whole thing is "I want to help my friend (Choco the chocobo) become strong and be happy." Now obviously we all know...
  2. Jack's Smirking Revenge

    Help Pointlessly ranting

    Mostly because I need to get it off my chest, but... I've just died for the third time trying to capture 10 of everything in Omega Ruins. I've got a little habit of doing a full lap all the way around the ruins and then spending all my levels when I get back to the save point - the whole thing...
  3. Jack's Smirking Revenge

    2014 in cinema

    So what were your top ten films from last year? It'll be interesting to see how we all compare 1. Nightcrawler 2. Her 3. Guardians of the Galaxy 4. Pride 5. Wolf of Wall Street 6. Chef 7. The Grand Budapest Hotel 8. 12 Years a Slave 9. Gone Girl 10. Captain America: The Winter Soldier It was...
  4. Jack's Smirking Revenge

    Ch-check it out, as The Beastie Boys did say

    I've been working on a web series for the last couple of months, and its been short listed for Raindance Web Fest: Give it a vote for a pal, yeah? We'll win £2500 to...
  5. Jack's Smirking Revenge

    Survivor final challenge

    So we need a little help getting it finished. Basically all we need from you guys is a little bio about yourselves, if you're willing to. We just need a few sentences about you; your appearance, your personality, whatever. The participants will then have to work out who that bio belongs to. We...
  6. Jack's Smirking Revenge

    2013's best films

    i thought this would be a decent idea, since there's several big film fans on here. basically what is your top 10 (or so) from 2013? i made my list a few weeks ago, as me and my friends often do this at the beginning of the new year. 1. Django Unchained 2. Rush 3. Stoker 4. Flight 5. The Secret...
  7. Jack's Smirking Revenge

    did you miss me?

    the new meme that will take tumblr by storm with the next 5 minutes
  8. Jack's Smirking Revenge

    if you were ever on the fence about having children

    then this will certainly bring you down on the never side number 14 is particularly horrifying
  9. Jack's Smirking Revenge

    so some shit head tried to mug me on the way home

    if the conversation we had was a script it would look thusly: EXT. BUSY STREET. NIGHT. MYSELF is walking up the road. MUGGER approaches from behind on a bike. MYSELF is listening to his mp3 player, but upon realising MUGGER is behind him, removes one ear phone. MUGGER got any cigarettes...
  10. Jack's Smirking Revenge

    amazon drone it's probably exactly what you think it is - you order from amazon and your item is delivered by an unmanned drone within half an hour to your front garden. it sounds like an april fool's joke but is totally real! i can just see this being a...
  11. Jack's Smirking Revenge

    a nice heartwarming story

    OF BATKID. most people probably heard about batkid in san francisco about a week ago. well it finally happened
  12. Jack's Smirking Revenge

    looks and sounds like a pokémon

  13. Jack's Smirking Revenge

    atomic cats that can be controlled by your pokédex and go into spaaaace

    makes the news a million times more interesting
  14. Jack's Smirking Revenge

    agents of s.h.i.e.l.d

    what has everyone thought of it so far? personally i find it hard to understand how such a poorly written show that falls so easily into the clichés of other shows of it's type is so good. i find very few of the characters likeable, and the core team is a big rip off of the avengers. they're...
  15. Jack's Smirking Revenge

    Nintendo metal gear solid twin snakes

    so when i found out about the first metal gear solid being remade for gamecube, i was very excited. needless to say it was an awesome game, and fully worth the £20 or so that i paid for it. i went to manchester comic-con a month or so ago, and they had a stand there where they were selling...
  16. Jack's Smirking Revenge

    it's so 90s

  17. Jack's Smirking Revenge

    man of steel 2 confirmed at comic-con

    i'm sure everyone already knows this by now, that zack snyder has confirmed that he will direct man of steel 2, due for release in 2015, and that it will feature batman. it will most likely be a batman v superman film, rather than a team-up...
  18. Jack's Smirking Revenge

    the pixar theory

    this has recently just popped up online, and has been doing the rounds on several film blogs i read. it's a fan theory that suggests that every pixar movie is related and exists within the same universe. it grasps at straws a little in places, and is more than a bit self-serving, but it's a very...
  19. Jack's Smirking Revenge

    for the breaking bad fans

    samuel jackson fucking rocks.