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  1. Mercurial

    Moments Like This | Everything Is Made | A Portfolio

    ------------------------------------------------ 'But if it's your fate... every step forward will always be a step closer to home.' 'I don't believe that everything is made, from moments just like this one, 'cause this one's not the same.' ****** Years active: 2008-2011 | 2019-Current...
  2. Mercurial

    Count The Stars With Me | All Our Scattered Memories

    Been a while since I've made messageboard signatures (approx. 8 years). Programmes used: Adobe Photoshop CC | Adobe Lightroom CC Bioshock Infinite: Elizabeth Signature (Burial at Sea: Episode II DLC) Created: 27th September 2019 •••••• Kingdom Hearts III: Sora Signature (Yozora Secret...