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    FFVII Remake - Sephiroth & Genesis

    I hope Genesis doesn't even get a joke reference. He's easily the absolute worst part of Crisis Core, and any scene he was in was nearly ruined by his smug face. He had way too big a role in a story that should have been about Zack, Cloud and Sephiroth and their history/connection. I also hated...
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    FF7R: Aerith Revival (Discussion)

    Aerith's death is widely considered a genre defining moment in rpg history. It taught gamers how to cry and all those phrasings you know? To undo Aerith's tragic fate would not only completely ruin the emotional impact forever, but it would be disrespectfull to the scene's legacy. So absolutely...
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    FFIX: What would you change?

    A few things come to mind: - Make the other three guardians of Terra into boss fights. (Before going to Terra) - Foreshadow Necron's role in the story, so he doesn't come out of nowhere. - Give Freya and Amaranth more screen time in the latter discs. They kinda fade into the background after...
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    Sin's Souls (Spoiler)

    Yeah, as far as the game itself goes Sin's toxin seems to just be Yevon's way to explain PTSD, amnesia or propably even mental illnesses. I mean Spira doesn't seem like the kind of place that would have psychologists or even proper doctors. Alot of mental problems in the real world used to be...
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    KHII Your thoughts on Kingdom Hearts 2

    Well the gamepaly to this day has not been succesfully replicated. It's still the most enjoyable action RPG battle system I've played to this day. I do agree that on below proud mode the game is way too easy, but remember that the series is targeted for younger kids, and at this point the...
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    FFX-2 Lovers Reincarnated?

    I don't recall reincarnation to be a part of FFX mythos at any point though. There's nothing in the games that would imply this. Also as far as dream Zanarkand goes, I thought that it isn't so much a perfect simulation of the real deal but rather a romanticiation. Dream Zanarkand has been...
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    All Dead, All Dead - Final Fantasy VII's Ending

    I personally think holy wiping humans out kinda goes against the whole theme of the game. I always felt the game pushed the whole humans can rise above themselves aspect. Also without humanity's influence the lifestream propably couldn't have pushed meteor back, as I've always interpreted that...
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    Multiple Platforms Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

    I'm not entirely against first person, but it does prevent the protagonis from having an identity to me. Also based on the demo I played, the fps camera makes the game feel incredibly clunky and sluggish even by classic RE standards. I do like the lesser focus on action setpieces, return of...
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    Games with lots of monsters?

    Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately none of the stores in my country seem to have it in stock, online or otherwise. It's a pretty rare title nowadays, but I'll keep an eye out.
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    Games with lots of monsters?

    So in more detail, I'm looking for a game with a large variety of monsters that run on nightmare fuel. Eldritch, visceral or demonic, the works. I'd prefer them to be integral to the game's plot as well, as too many games that I've played recently have had human enemies as the fous and that has...
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    2 0 1 6

    A letdown, due to conditions beyond my control. My therapy took a slight setback. It's nothing serious but my social anxiety has worsened from a year back. Plus I had this anxiety attack a few months back which has made me feel really negatively about myself. I hate being like this.
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    What pissed you off today?

    Watching a video and reading about stuff that had to be left out/rewritten in FFXV. This game would have seriously needed another year or two of development time, but Square was apparently under some contractual oblication that forced them to push the game out before 2017. And I thought my...
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    Top 3 Favorite Main Characters

    1. Aqua from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Heroic, badass and kind. 2. BJ Blaskowitz from Wolfenstrin The New Order. The team behind the game took the poster boy for the generic fps guy, and managed to make him into a compelling and interesting character while keeping him as a badass super...
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    Type of games do you play?

    When I was younger I loved action platformers. I grew up with the Ratchet & Clack, Sly Raccoon and Jak and Daxter series, and I still have a fondness for the genre. But my prefence has evolved and become quite a bit broader. The unifying elements in my favourite modern games are a combination...
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    Project Scorpio VS PS4 Pro

    I see this whole 4K-fixation developers have to be kind of pointless. As far as I know the amount of people with 4K TVs is even lower then people with 1080p TVs during the previous generation. Bringing out new hardware for what is a luxury at this point seems like waste of time. I believe the...
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    FFF: FFXV User Ratings

    As one of those people who has waited a decade for this thing, and after watching a video regarding story elements that had to be cut/rewritten to meet a deadline, my disappointment in this game has reached a breaking point. From a purely mechanical view, it's slightly above average. But the...
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    Playstation PS4 Top 5 List

    1. Bloodborne. Fromsoftware's A-game production, a title that oozes atmosphere, great art direction, fun level design, satisfying combat and an amazing Gothic/Lovecraftian setting. 2. Doom. An excelent reboot to a classic series. Fun, solid and fast paced gameplay with good visual feedback...
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    Playstation PS2 Top 5 List

    1. Persona 4 (my all time favourite) and other Persona 3 2. Any of Sony's PS2 mascot series; Sly raccoon, Ratchet & Clank or Jak and Daxter. Can't go wrong with these. 3. Kingdom Hearts 1/2. Both are great. 4. Final Fantasy X and XII. XII is pretty contested, but I enjoyed it. 5. Prince of...
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    Dissidia Final Fantasy

    Hopefully a PS4 version will restore a lot of the removed mechanics and add a story, since the way it is now is really bare bones.
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    What are you currently playing?

    I recently stareted palying Witcher 3, but I'm finding it really hard to get into the game. It's propably the open world design. I was hoping this game would have been different but I guess not.