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  1. Catnip

    Are we just going to ignore the adorable hug Kinoc gave Auron?

    I mean, it's really prime. Seriously though, in their world, going up and just hugging Auron is like going up to a king in our world and hugging him. I thought it was pretty cool to see him in that situation. Especially the way he handled it lol
  2. Catnip

    Things you're good AND bad at?

    What is something you're good and bad at - at the same time? As the OP, I'll start, naturally. Telling stories Good: I'm pretty confident in my writing. My spelling and grammar can be a little off at times, but for the most part I've got good ideas, can write for intriguing characters...
  3. Catnip


    I'm curious about the hype over the Bond films.*I've only just recently been properly introduced to them, beginning with Sean Connery, and I just can't get into them. I've always been aware that he's the epitome of the Gary Stu trope, and this is actually what's always intrigued me about the...
  4. Catnip

    Father Hacks Zelda For His Daughter, Makes Link A Girl

    Maybe Link doesn't need to be a young boy. The father of one little girl decided he'd change the gender of one of Nintendo's most iconic characters so he hacked The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. While playing the 2003 Gamecube title with his daughter Maya, Mike Hoye had been reading the...
  5. Catnip

    So many people are very affected by Amanda Todd's story.

    ...Why? I'm just confused as to what makes this one more worthy of attention than any of the other suicide stories out there. Genuinely just wondering. Can I be honest? I'm going to get killed by saying this, but I'll just start it off by saying I truly mean no harm. Amanda Todd was an...
  6. Catnip

    Anime Scents that remind you of a certain anime/manga?

    I bought this facewash that I used to use, and washing my face with it this morning reminded me so much of Nana, the manga. Especially Reira Serizawa, since I was writing/RPing her at the time. It brought me back completely, it was so weird. I love that smells can do that to you so powerfully...
  7. Catnip

    cleaning my friends list

    I like organizing, and I want to keep track of the people here so I know them more I guess. I'm keeping a few that I do already talk to quite a bit. Those people are @AddleBoy (heheh you piece of shit) @Dragon Mage (goddess) @Gingerbread Man (sup argor) @Kandy-Sugar (hey bb) PEOPLE I WANT...
  8. Catnip

    Who is your guilty pleasure pairing?

    I'm going to have to go with Yuna x Seymour. It has that Lex Luthor x Lana Lang (Smallville) feel to it, with each one having their secrets and lies. She would loathe him and he'd want only to watch over her, and they'd both keep eachother for their own personal reasons. Yuna, most likely to...
  9. Catnip

    Who is your favourite crusader?

    You know the drill. Since we're going to go alphabetical, Chappu is first up on this list. Currently deceased, he's Wakka's older brother, Lulu's former love, and Tidus' apparent look-alike. He's the Kikyo to Tidus' Kagome, and we know more about him than we'd care to. Clasko, our...
  10. Catnip

    Uncensored vs Censored

    So what do you guys find you generally like better? When the songs are censored (beeps, blanks or simple lyric edit) or when they leave everything in there? I always love the uncensored much, much more. It feels a lot more honest and aggressive, which I think adds character.
  11. Catnip

    FFX-2 Who is your favourite blonde girl?

    Now does hair colour even matter? Does it truly define a woman? Certainly not, but I ask because it sounds like Bond girl and it was late when I thought this thread up and prepared it in my iPhone notes last night. And now, set aside some extra panties, because it's time for the lovely ladies...
  12. Catnip

    FFX-2 Who is your favourite non-playable Gullwing?

    So let's take a look at who we're dealing with.... Here, we've got Brother; Rikku's older brother, Yuna's cousin and Paine's irritant (one of many). Without any real leadership skills, he's somehow the boss of the group. A theory is his comical character might have inspired pity within the...
  13. Catnip

    A Trip to the Moon (1902 - first sci-fi film)

    A silent film, 14 minutes long. I haven't seen it in a few years, but I really love it. It's entirety can be watched on Youtube. It's entertaining to see what people thought the moon would look like; with wind and tunnels and plants everywhere. Ah, ignorance.
  14. Catnip


    I love this show. My boyfriend and I are halfway through the second season, and I just love it. It's hilarious, the characters are entertaining, the actors are fucking great to watch, but there is one major flaw, and it happens to be a very popular flaw in television and movies; the female...
  15. Catnip

    Do you think it's right to kill spiders?

    Just because you see one in your house? I think it's not quite fair to end a spider's life just because they made an appearance. They're pretty harmless, and you wouldn't have known they were chillaxing about if they didn't peek out of their safe spot for a second. Even poisonous ones. I don't...
  16. Catnip

    What is your favourite month?

    October is mine. Autumn is my love. It starts at the end of September, so by the time October hits, it's already really colourful with roads and sidewalks and lawns getting showered with old leaves that I like to rake up and jump in. Finding lady bugs all over you after is fun too. They're...
  17. Catnip

    Abandonded Building Stories

    Got any? My cousin (Jordan) and I went to a mental hospital tonight, with many abandoned buildings in the area that served as some sort of use to the hospital's patients and staff. On the hospital road, there were no lights at all. Just construction signs that warned us of dead ends and...
  18. Catnip

    Anime Favourite Female Character?

    Here's the challenge though: pick just one. Honestly, out of all the animes I've watched with all of the female characters, I'm going to have to go with Sango, from InuYasha. She's a pretty big deal to me. I like how she portrays 'badass' and owns it in a way that only she can do. She's...
  19. Catnip

    The New 52: Birds of Prey

    Fuck me sideways, this is a good one. I love the women in this, they're pretty decent. The fact that they're comic book female characters that I don't hate makes them extraordinary to me. Ivy isn't entirely all that bad either, which is a big plus for me, since I hate her in a lot of things...
  20. Catnip

    Sick Disses

    In other words: Good Comebacks A touche~ if you will. What do you guys think is a good one? I can't think of any right now. The best I can come up with is "my mom could beat you up". What is some guido going to say to that? NO I COULD BEAT HER UP OK Yeah right. And go.