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  1. Amizon

    Here we go again!

    So the other week, Jess threat-... begged me to donate gil for some Survivor challenge or whatnot. Anyway, it got me wanting to come back, as I've now got time for the site in my life. Weeell, that was going to happen and then some stuff happened. Now it's a week later and I'm here. Ye. P.
  2. Amizon

    X Factor 2011

    It's that godawful time of the year yet again, where that thread gets made! Watched the live shows last night, it was quite balanced. I have to say that this "twist" they've incorporated for the first week is ridiculously crap. But if it means we get rid of the rubbish ones, I'm all for it.
  3. Amizon

    I've won the lottery ...

    Not really. I think you'd be used to such misleading titles by now. However, I am going to try for the Euro Millions since leaving for a holiday could be a sign since it's happened to people before. xD But yes, this is my dramatic leaving thread for going to sunny Majorca. I'm leaving tomorrow...
  4. Amizon

    Burnout: Paradise Competition

    While there is no set prize for taking part or even winning, I thought it'd be interesting to see how many people have this game and are up to a few games. On the other hand, I thought it'd be nice for those who could do with some trophy boosting and such. For one, I know that getting the...
  5. Amizon

    Have you ever heard a song and cried?

    We all get it at some point: we hear a song and we just feel the need to burst into a million pieces for our own personal reasons. So what songs have you heard and cried to? It rarely happens to me, but I heard Someone Like You by Adele a while ago and burst into tears when I heard the chorus...
  6. Amizon

    Amizon's Graphics

    I realise that I'm very new to this and I do warn you, the content that I am about to show you may be quite shit. :wacky: I've only been at it on Photoshop CS5 for about two or so weeks now. I'm still learning from tutorials. Any feedback from any of the pieces here would be much appreciated...
  7. Amizon

    [RP] Final Fantasy X: Felonies of the Past

    The silence was deathly outside the Chamber of the Fayth. Xenia Astragal, the senior guardian – not to mention she was practically a living legend – amongst the small group waiting for Tyrann to emerge from the room in front of them, was almost on the edge. It had been three days now since the...
  8. Amizon

    OMG, LOL enter Oxford English Dictionary

    OMG, LOL and FYI are among the latest additions made to the Oxford English Dictionary in a new update. The online edition revealed that it had selected a "number of noteworthy initialisms" for publication. The latest three, used widely in online and text speech, join previous entries IMHO, TMI...
  9. Amizon

    [SU/D] Final Fantasy X: Felonies of the Past

    This is a retry of the previous RP. Please note that you may only join if you had an invite from me beforehand. Those people know who they are and will have received a reminder that this is going ahead! Final Fantasy X: Felonies of the Past It began with the Machina War. Spira’s biggest...
  10. Amizon

    Reunited father, daughter expecting baby

    A 28-year-old woman who tracked down her long-lost father last year has revealed that she is pregnant with his baby. Penny Lawrence went in search of her father Gerry Ryan following the death of her mother and grandparents. The Irish Sun reports that she eventually found Dublin-born Ryan in...
  11. Amizon

    Happy St. Paddy's Day!

    Aye, it's St. Patrick's Day, where we Irish get drunk off our heads and dance around like leprechauns! :wacky:
  12. Amizon


    This looks like a pretty good film. It's yet another Marvel one and I don't really know the deal with Thor, so I think I may give this a chance.
  13. Amizon

    Fox invades pitch at Six Nations match

    A fox appeared on the pitch at Twickenham minutes before England played Scotland in the Six Nations tournament. The unusual pitch invader appeared before a crowd of 82,000 spectators just before kick-off. BBC One commentator John Inverdale said: "It's been around all day, and they've been...
  14. Amizon

    Vegetarian couple 'banned from adopting'

    A couple on the Greek island of Crete have reportedly been banned from adopting children because of their dietary choices. According to AFP, welfare services fear that the family will pass on their vegetarianism to any child they adopt. Head of the city's welfare services Spyros Epitropakis...
  15. Amizon

    Physiotherapist 'uses pigs to help patients'

    A Dutch physiotherapist has claimed that he uses two miniature pigs to help his patients in Germany. Daan Vermeulen brings Felix and Rudi to meetings with his older patients and also with children who suffer from emotional or behavioural problems, Reuters reports. He explained that the pigs...
  16. Amizon

    [RP] Final Fantasy X: Felonies of the Past

    The silence in the Chamber of the Fayth was deadly. It seeped through to the Cloister of Trials and all the way to the main temple. Silence was a heavily underestimated power. It was chilling for the guardians waiting in the Chamber, just outside of where the summoner was praying to the fayth...
  17. Amizon

    So I met a guy today ...

    I served him at work. He had the most gorgeous eyes. Looked like he was everything I ever wanted in one. Shame that he walked out. I wanted to gaze lustfully into his eyes more. :sad3:
  18. Amizon

    I'm going lesbian! Again!

    Consider this version two of the highly popular thread of me going lesbian, having the largest lesbian orgy that was headed for the Guinness Book of Records and other shit I can't remember. If anyone didn't know it was happening, screw you. I'm out and proud. :mokken:
  19. Amizon

    [Sign-ups & Discussion] Final Fantasy X: Felonies of the Past

    Final Fantasy X: Felonies of the Past It began with the Machina War. Spira’s biggest nations, Bevelle and Zanarkand, fought over to see who had the best machina. Jealous of each other’s overwhelming power, war ensued between them and threatened to destroy the world. The rest of Spira were...
  20. Amizon

    Confused elephant 'has sex with a car'

    John Somer and Carina Lowers were driving a Volkswagen Passat through the Pilanesberg Game Reserve when Amarula - a five-ton bull elephant - approached the car and began mating with it, before flipping the vehicle over: "I never thought I would be killed by an elephant. When I turned the corner...