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  1. Dreams-of-Gaia

    Sylph and Phantom caves recommended lvl? (FFIV JP version)

    Hi, everyone! This is my first time playing FFIV and I chose to play the japanese version translated to English, however, I am having quite the trouble getting on these two caves, the Sylph cave and the Phantom cave (or world of Summons). I already figured out how not to get hurt by the floor...
  2. Dreams-of-Gaia

    FF main theme cover

    Hello, everyone! It's been quite a while since I last posted here. Sorry for being so inactive in the last days. By the way, did you know of Square's contest of making a cover of Final Fantasy's main theme? Well, I did mine and wanted to share it with you...
  3. Dreams-of-Gaia

    Fan Art My FF IX Fan art

    Hi, everyone! I'm sorry for being so inactive lately, job has kept me very busy. But I promised some time ago I was going to share my drawings with you, so, here are two of my FF IX fan arts. I used color pencils to do them. Tell me what you think of them. :)
  4. Dreams-of-Gaia


    Hi! How's everyone doing? I can say I'm not new to FF but it was until last year that I began playing the mothership titles. Before, I had just played games such as FFCC and FF Ring of Fates. My very first FF was Mystic Quest (which my father bought by mistake, I had asked for FFIV) but since I...