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  1. Matseb2611

    Help FFX - Lulu's overdrive

    Seriously this might sound like an incredibly stupid and beginner question, but how does one use Lulu's overdrive? I don't get it. I've tried everything with my joystick, tried spinning the analog sticks, the directional buttons, pressing X and other buttons whilst doing so and still nothing...
  2. Matseb2611

    Funny Final Fantasy LP

    Hey everyone. Just thought I'd start a topic on SirRonLionheart's Final Fantasy Let's Plays. If you don't know, SirRonLionheart does a lot of funny LPs on many retro games, and he's done one on FFIV (and started one on FFVIII too). His LPs are not only informative, but also incredibly funny. He...
  3. Matseb2611

    All characters pic for tagging on Facebook

    Tag your friends as FF characters on Facebook These are the "Tag your friends" pictures I made on FF characters which you can upload on Facebook and then tag your friends as various characters. I am doing a separate one on each FF game. I'll be making more... FF6: Update: Here's the FF7...
  4. Matseb2611

    Favourite tunes from the game

    I noticed there wasn't a topic on favourite music from the game, so I thought I should start one. What are your favourite music pieces from FFVI is my question to you. You can name as many as you want. You can make it a top 10 list if you want, or mention a few tunes you love and say why you do...
  5. Matseb2611

    The Final setup

    Sorry for yet another thread in just 2 days, but I just completed the game and was wondering which parties did other people allocate their characters to and also which order for the final fight. Since my best characters were Sabin, Celes, Cyan and Terra, my good characters were Locke, Edgar...
  6. Matseb2611

    The World Destruction scene

    First of all *SPOILER WARNING* I'm still on my first playthrough of this game and so the story is still new to me. Yesterday I got to the scene when Kefka moves the statues, disrupting the balance and causing world destruction, and this scene had a really strong negative impression on me...