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  1. FighterMcWarrior

    Slamming it rude?

    I don't understand why people slam doors. If the door will not close unless it is closed hard, that is one thing, but I've known people who can't seem to close a door (to a house, a refrigerator, ANYTHING) without making a giantly loud ruckus. Do you know a door-slammer? Do you consider it rude...
  2. FighterMcWarrior

    Chocobos CONFIRMED OHHHHHH YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH Deny it. You will be shouted down.
  3. FighterMcWarrior

    How 'i' Lost The War

    That'll be one Alexander Hamilton, please Hate to do this, but I am about 278% broke at the moment. "Buy something, will ya!" :D
  4. FighterMcWarrior

    To Far Away Times - Guitar

    To Far Away Times Suitable for special occaisions, weddings, bar mitzvahs, quincineros/quincineras, baby showers, and generally just chilling out. Enjoy!
  5. FighterMcWarrior

    Mellow greetings

    Hey hey. I just joined the site. Been into FF and Jrpgs in general since 87 or so, when I first laid eyes on three games: Final Fantasy (NES), Ys (Turbo Duo) and Phantasy Star (SMS) at my cross-the-street neighbor's house. I'm a musician, songwriter, and retailwageslave. Interests include...