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  1. Oblivion_XIII

    Playstation Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker (PSP)

    Hey, so I just got MGSPW and was wondering if you can do co-op online. I know on the 360 it's online co-op. I'm just confused...
  2. Oblivion_XIII


    So, I've had a bad string of luck with women lately. Constantly being cheated on and stood up. Oh so much fun. But I met this girl, and she is everything I would want in a girl... but she has an immature abusive fuck of a boyfriend. Shes always telling me the shit he does and it makes me sick...
  3. Oblivion_XIII

    So I met this girl....

    Alright, so I met this girl... and she is amazing. And we're going on our first date this weekend. Now, I've never felt this way before... about anybody. We've spent sleepless nights on the phone and her and I have a very strong connection. She listens to me and everything. Always wanted...
  4. Oblivion_XIII

    Anybody up for a new gaming podcast?

    Hey, starting tonight I will be doing a classic games podcast (nes, snes, n64). If anybody is interested let me know and a suggestions on what games to play are also a plus. I'll post the link after I set it up. And I know I'm stealing the idea. I can also set up a skype in case others want to...
  5. Oblivion_XIII

    How to win a girl's heart

    Yeah yeah, I know this seems stupid but I'm posting over problems with a girl. So basically we met and we're starting a band and what not. Well her and I started liking each other but the thing is that she doesn't want to date me even though we have feelings for each other. Now I would like to...
  6. Oblivion_XIII

    Sorry, but shit happened

    Sorry but I will not be able to be on for quite some time because we don't have internet anymore... so farewell for now.Cheers
  7. Oblivion_XIII

    Top 20 Kingdom Hearts characters

    (Yes this is stolen from the FF section) To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Kingdom Hearts, I wanted to see who is on top of the character list. So just give me some of your favorite characters that you want to nominate and I will make a poll after I get a diverse set of characters. I will...
  8. Oblivion_XIII

    XBox Damn my 360, its having problems, again.

    Alright, I need some help. My 360's video is not working, but the sound is. Now its the same for both the regular and component cords, so I don't know what's wrong. Anyone who can help?
  9. Oblivion_XIII

    XBox Having trouble with wifi

    so I got a wifi adapter for my 360, but I can't figure out how to make it work and hook into the wifi. Anybody who can help me?
  10. Oblivion_XIII

    Mike Portnoy Quits Dream Theater

    Well, my favorite drummer quit one of my favorite bands Source I willl be pissed off if he goes and plays for Sevenfold. He just isn't a straight-up metal drummer, he is a prog metal drummer, and...
  11. Oblivion_XIII


    Well, I'm cutting my activity on the forum from what I have now to very little. Sure, I will be on now and again to post in a thread, or to chat in the SB, but not that much. School has started back up, and I need to concentrate on my studies (unlike last year). I'll have my email option...
  12. Oblivion_XIII

    [T] Game Reviews

    basically, this is just like Ringo's thread. Give me a game, and I will give you a review (if I've played it). I rate based on story, gameplay, sidequests (if any), visuals (for its time), and some other goodies.
  13. Oblivion_XIII

    FFIX: Favorites and Worst list

    Feel free to add whatever you want. Favorite Character: Vivi Favorite Male Character: Zidane Favorite Female Character: Freya/ Beatrix Favorite NPC: Kuja Favorite Weapon: Octagon Rod (only because you get the aga spells from it) Favourite Equipment: ? Favorite Enemy: Kuja Favorite Magic: Firaga...
  14. Oblivion_XIII

    [Potential Spoilers] Death Note (use spoiler tags)

    So, who else here is a Death Note fan such as myself? I started out reading the manga a little while ago, I'm currently waiting to get book 5. I've also seen the anime. I find it interesting, because it's not action, it's more of a mental manga/anime if you know what I'm saying. Ryuk has to be...
  15. Oblivion_XIII

    Server time outs

    I've noticed, that the server times out at the same time every night, and then comes back in at the same time. At around 11:08pm (chicago time) the server times out, it comes back in at around 11:18pm. This has been going on for a few days now. Any explanation for this?
  16. Oblivion_XIII


    Okay, so it appears that Obama hates Israel, and is not going to aid it in war. He hates them because of their customs. There are people telling the Jews the get the hell out of Israel, I mean, Israel (Palestine) is where the Jews are originally from. So do you agree with me that Obama is not...
  17. Oblivion_XIII

    [Hockey] Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup

    Well, the Chicago Blackhawks finally did it, it's been 49 years since they last won. Patrick Kane scored the winning goal in overtime, bringing the score to 4-3. The Blackhawks played the Philadelphia Fliers. The Blackhawks won 4/6 games.
  18. Oblivion_XIII

    Original discussion- Tip's story

    Well, here's where the feedback to Tip's story will be posted... The story itself will is at this link enjoy
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep North American Release Date and Voice Actors Revealed

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep has received a solid North American release date of September 7, 2010. Also, some of the voice actors have been revealed. Original article Earlier today, Square Enix announced that its highly anticipated PSP-based Kingdom Hearts prequel, Birth by Sleep, is...
  20. Oblivion_XIII

    This Is Spinal Tap

    So, has anybody seen this movie? Great mockumentary. If you've ever been in a band, you've had to have at least one Spinal Tap moment. Now, I have to get an amp that goes to 11...