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    Cover Remastered Music From Final Fantasy I

    Music For Matoya's Cave in Final Fantasy 1, fully remastered! Let's go back to 1987 when Squaresoft (later Square Enix) made Final Fantasy, and let me tell you that Nobuo Uematsu has made some very memorable melodies for many Final Fantasy entries, but music for Final Fantasy 1 soundtrack is...
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    Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Remake OST - Royal City of Rabanastre

    Are you excited for upcoming Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age? Then, you might like this High-Quality remix of Royal City of Rabanastre! DOWNLOAD: I Decided to remake this series today, as remastered...
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    New to this forum, not to FF ^^

    I'm composer from Finland and I'm big fan of Final Fantasy music, so I decided to join this forum over here. Looking forward to see the community! :)