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    Hello Everyone!

    Hai. I already said hai in the shoutbox xD What's up?
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    Problems with confidence

    Really I'd love to help but I'm terrible in this kind of situation. Even if I have talked to them before, if I find em attractive in any way I still choke on air and start to stutter, mumble, etc. If I had to suggest anything, just keep it simple, take a deep yet subtle breath before talking...
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    The ^, >, V Game

    ^ No actually had to get up early > Has popcorn V Mains ExDeath
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    Yuna had to be the hardest character for me. xD But really, either all of Kimarhi's or Auron's. Not enough patience for either. The easiest was a tie between Yuna and Lulu.
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    hey. :/

    *looks at model Buster Sword* DO WANT. Thats crazy:yay: Welcome btw
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    The ^, >, V Game

    ^ A mousse or a mouse? Definitely a mouse. >Has Reese's Peanut Butter Cups <3 V Now wishes they had some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
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    Over The Top FF Fans.

    You know where I see a lot of these people? Youtube. I make one little innocent comment about how I love that Cloud's hair defies gravity and the next thing I know people come back with "Well then why is your username Caladbolg69 huh?!" or "Shut up man you don't know anything! Cloud's...
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    How to get over level 100 (?)

    I think it's good that you have enemies like that, just to keep a challenge. Most characters lvl 105 are no challenge for my Squall anymore.
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    Like my status says, I'm bored. What's up?:squall:
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    Final Fantasy Wrong Answer

    They would spend a year arguing over who has bigger boobs. Scarlet would lose due to a surprise roundhouse titslap from Tifa. What does Bartz think about chocobos?
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    FFVII for SNES

    I liked the FFX Battle theme remake :D
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    FFX-One word to describe each main character?

    Tidus: Clueless Yuna: Getsaroundalot Lulu: Quiet Wakka: Cap'n! Auron: Doesn'tafraidofanything Kimarhi: RAWR Rikku: RAWRAWRAWR! *chases Kimarhi* Seymour: Insane Kinoc: Corrupt Yunalesca: Old Jecht: Manly.