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  1. Espurr

    Happy Birthday, you smelly Paissa!

    I promise not to roast you for the next...10 seconds. Happy birthday sir. Hope you enjoy your last 10 seconds of fame and livelihood. :grin:
  2. Espurr

    Birthday Happy Birthday Greeny!

    Hope you have a good one today, you shite! Don't drink too much and overfill yourself on pizza.
  3. Espurr

    Birthday Hapy birthday, Dangor!

    So not late. It's still before 12AM there. :mokken: I hope you had a good birthday today man. :neomon:
  4. Espurr

    FFF Static Discussion

    A general discussion about the forum static. Post anything related to the static here including notices. So thus far the idea seems to be taking off well. Would everyone be okay with starting this weekend? Around 5:30 PM EST? We will abduct some more people if needed. Also I forgot to...
  5. Espurr

    FFXIV Static

    Due to the sudden internet in EX primals and other raids I think it's about time time to start making a static. If anyone is interested let me know here, via PM, in-game or just message me via PSN(ID: Vircon) We'll start off with the EX primals and eventually catch up and work on Alexander...
  6. Espurr

    Happy birthday Sprout

    I hope Until Dawn gives you nightmares. Hope you have a good one, you evil git. :hmph:
  7. Espurr

    Playstation Playstation Plus Update(March 2015)

    This is just a simple thread to inform everyone of what Plus games are coming out in the upcoming month. Feel free to discuss if you wish. North America Abe's Oddysee - New and Tasty(PS4) Valiant Hearts...
  8. Espurr

    Happy Birthday, McGee!

    See? Even I have a heart at times! Hope you have a good one today.
  9. Espurr

    Happy Birthday, Green Sprout!

    I hope you have a good one, man. I promise I won't abuse you today assuming you don't deserve it. :neomon:
  10. Espurr

    Happy birthday, Chanteru!

    Although I question if you deserve one from me for being an evil cat, here is a birthday thread from me. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a good one. No working on your birthday, 'ya hear? :watching:
  11. Espurr

    Happy birthday, AddleBoy!

    I think you said it's your birthday today at least. :hmmm: Anyway I promise not to kill you today as long as you don't deserve it. Hope you have a good one. :grin:
  12. Espurr

    Happy birthday, Rapture!

    A few hours early but I wanted to make it first :mokken: Hope you have a good one, my pal! :neomon:
  13. Espurr

    Happy Birthday, Soulcorruptor!

    Hope you have a good one today, man :neomon:
  14. Espurr

    Let's Play Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

    Welcome to my first Let's Play. I've always been a Fire Emblem fan since the series originally came out outside of Japan. Path of Radiance is the 9th game in the series and this is also the first of the 3D Fire Emblem games. For those of you who are into Super Smash Bros. this is the game Ike...
  15. Espurr

    Happy Birthday, Alodia!

    Hope you are enjoying it and your Korean BBQ. Now share! :hmph:
  16. Espurr

    Happy birthday Yuki Cross

    Happy birthday, Kylie. Hope your day is also an enjoyable one as well. :neomon:
  17. Espurr

    Happy birthday ‎Noblesse Oblige

    Happy birthday today, Kev. Hope your birthday is an enjoyable one. Don't drink too much. :neomon:
  18. Espurr

    Happy birthday Shace

    An hour early but who cares? :elmo: Happy birthday, bro. Hope you have a good one.
  19. Espurr

    Happy birthday, Starfruit!

    >.> First! Anywho, happy birthday Marlena. Hope you have a good one. :neomon:
  20. Espurr

    Happy birthday Toshiya

    A bit early but I wanted to be first >.> Even still, happy birthday. Hope you have a good one :neomon: