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  1. Missing in Action

    The War Within Ourselves

    The War Within Ourselves Constantly adrift, staring into space my face filled with despair Do I even care? Together we can do anything together we can climb any mountain But yet, no one can help me keep it together? I forecast a bleak future for me and my loved ones those who dare to care...
  2. Missing in Action

    Poetry The Warm Touch of Serenaded Honey

    The Warm Touch Of Serenaded Honey I will love you forever and a day. If I could touch your memory, let it sing out proud! Nonsensical and sticky is the aura surrounding me I notice a change in the weather’s patterns Forecasted a beautiful harmony of music Dripping wet on my mind, sugar...
  3. Missing in Action

    Greetings from Australia

    I went with my current username for something sort of trendy/cool I guess? Hmmmm? A few things about myself - I hail from Australia (The Great Southern Outback) I am the younger brother of a twin I have Swedish, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, English on my fathers side and Thai on my mothers side. I...