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    SPOILERS I'm not finishing FFX2 but I have questions

    So back in the PlayStation 2 days I loved FFX. To me it was old school turn based FF but with updated graphics. I tried FFX-2 but the cheese turned me off. Anyway after completing the FFX remaster a couple of times since I thought I'd give X2 another go and because I wanted to see how the...
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    Which PS4 game to start with?

    Hi everyone, When I was a kid I played all the FF games 6 and earlier. When I owned a PS1 I played FF7 although I don't think I completed it. Then after that I played FFX and then jumped ship to Xbox. So I haven't played 8, 9 or 12. After playing world of FF on Xbox it really got me wanting...
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    Help After omega god..

    I've just defeated omega god. Rather than putting me back in the intervention room, I'm still on the big bridge. I'm not going to teleport back as I assume I'm gonna miss something, but the big bridge is a big trek! So am I right in thinking I need to proceed up the bridge for something?
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    A couple of stack questions

    Ok first of all, just want to say this game is way better than I expected! And a lot more in depth than I imagined. Also it's good to see turn based is back! Anyway, I've used a few different combos throughout my game so far. But for a while now I've stuck with the following 2 stacks for a...
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    Does it get better?

    Ok I've only just started (I've come off at the first save point). I was aware of the style of battle system before I bought this game but I didn't mind it from what I heard. But I just don't like it. Even just to attack with my sword I can only hit once then it has to charge up again. I can...
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    Ok, I've never known what luck does on any RPG game but haven't really been fussed. But now I'm playing through Final Fantasy X again and I control attribute growth I want to know what it does. I've seen conflicting theories on the net. Does anyone know for certain? One FAQ says it improves...
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    How important are character relationships to you?

    I have been reading through some of the threads on here and when people mention some plus points about a Final Fantasy game they talk about relationships. For example I see several comments about how wonderful the relationship is between Yuna and Tidus on Final Fantasy X. Personally I really...
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    Help A Few quick questions.

    Hi there, I have ordered a PS2 online and FFX just to play this game again for only the 1st time since my only play through when it was first released. Anyway, I'm looking at the FFX manual (I don't have my PS2 yet) and I notice that there is 2 sphere grid options. So whats the difference...
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    Hi there, came across this site when searching for some help on final fantasy. It looks like there's a lot of members on here, not one of them forums with about 5 active members so I can see me sticking around here. I consider Final Fantasy my favourite game although I don't know much about it...