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  1. Crystal

    Fan Art Crystal's fan art (FF and DMC)

    It's not much yet, because I took a long break with drawing. This picture I had posted last year for the Drawing contest on here. The newest FF, when I picked up drawing again and needed to practice for school. --------- Now I started practicing digital drawings and I seem to be better...
  2. Crystal

    Character design - Family- by Crystal

    Alright I made these for school. Drew them first on paper and then made it with my first attempt in photoshop, the finished result was made with help from my teammate ^^ She added the details. Now I have a question for you about this. Can you guess what the relationship of the siblings are...
  3. Crystal

    Hero and villain

    If you were to create a hero or villain for any game. How would you create them? In what genre game would you place them? What sort of name would you give them? How would they look like, what weapons / magics? What kind of clothes? What colors? Accessories? Tattoos? Scars? How are their...
  4. Crystal


    So we have an upcoming project and we have to design a game for the Internet that has to take 8 minutes long. My question is, when you play webgames, what makes it addictive? Is it the high score option, leveling, increasing difficulty, that it is known (known game like mario or gameshow on...
  5. Crystal


    So, I just want to get this off my chest, two friends know and I talk about it with my dad when he's alone, but I don't really know what to do now. It's a long story. We're on vacation in Canada now, exactly for one week now. (me my dad and mom) and we're staying at my dad's best friend. And we...
  6. Crystal

    Playstation New devil may cry

    Holy crap... seriously... Okay, so a new devil may cry, there is a teaser showing a new Dante. And some other crap I found. And I'm not...
  7. Crystal

    The hero saving the girl thing

    I thought about this when Ashley pissed me off when I played resident evil 4. And just had to do a rant about it. There are games who have this thing but some of them are a bit annoying with it. What are your thoughts about the hero saving the girl who got kidnapped? Is it good for a game...
  8. Crystal

    Phobia that controls your life.

    I have for example a huge fear of balloons... it started out when I was a little kid and a balloon popped near me. Since then I've been scared of them. With parties and on school I locked myself up in the bathroom to at least avoid them a while or walked around with my hands covering my ears...
  9. Crystal


    We all have probably been frustrated at some point in a FF game we played. For example, boss battles, sidequests or longwinded missions? Where did you get frustrated at? Try to state a frustration at each FF game you played! Here's mine. FFVII- Chocobo race. I really had trouble in getting...
  10. Crystal

    FF remix / cover songs

    Didn't know exactly where to put it. But have you heard a cover/ remix of a FF song you would like to share? For example from the Black mages or Kate the Great? I have some I fell in love with. This song is Ascension to Cosmo Canyon from Reuben Kee.
  11. Crystal

    I'm back

    Hey guys, you might not remember me but I have returned after I left at the end of 2008 o.O I got addicted to FF again (thanks to VII and XIII) so here I am again, XD
  12. Crystal

    Worst mission

    What mission did really bore you? xD or which one just took too long The worst mission I thought was the cactuarhunt, it simply took too long and it was iritating to travel all over the world to find them
  13. Crystal

    The Barheim key

    I need that thing for a hunt, I know I need to go to the otehr side where Dantro's wife is... only when I talk to her she says there might be trouble on the northern side.. and when I talk to that lil boy he says I can't use the ferry yet. What can I do? :P
  14. Crystal

    Best voice actor from FF?

    Who did the best job as voice actor, Mine is Rikku's, (Tara Strong) her voice really suited to her personality ^_^ Who's yours? ^^
  15. Crystal

    Crystal's FF drawings

    I started to draw FF more than a year ago, I've drawn them all from a pic.. FF: Squall close up: Rinoa: Squall...
  16. Crystal

    Some FFAMV's

    Here are some of my FFAMV's :P They are all in order from when I made them My first: It's a Squall tribute: Cloud tribute: FFVIIAC, VIII, X, X-2 and XIII: Squall and...
  17. Crystal

    Which FF intro was the best?

    Like the title says :P I think FFVIII intro was the best, followed by FFVII DoC
  18. Crystal


    Who has beaten Trema? How? and what items did you use? I beat him twice, first time was really hard, because before you can face him, you gotta fight another beast who can kill you very easily. I had Yuna in gunner, Paine and Rikku both in dark mage. Paragon doesn't have that much HP so you...
  19. Crystal


    Hay everyone! I'm Christine, but you can call me Crystal, Crys, or Ange:P I'm 15 (and a halve) years old and I'm dutch (actually Frisian) I have the games FFVIII, X and X-2 and watched the FFAC movie. I'm planning to buy FFXII thursday XD Ehm, my hobby's are gaming, writing stories, msn and...