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  1. Crystal

    FFXIII-2 XIII-2's soundtrack...

    I have to say, some tracks are better than FFXIII, but still not the best OST ever. The choir songs were btter at least as they were HORRIBLE in FFXIII. I got irritated by the songs with vocals. Yeah it's fun at first, but not when you want to explore a whole area. Just give me some more...
  2. Crystal

    Does ANYBODY else like Vaan?

    Honestly, it would have been better if he wasn't there. He didn't do much. Only talked in a boring way and his fake abs just can't impress us. No, big fail XD Him and Penelo.
  3. Crystal

    Most Annoying Character

    I have a few. Vanille - her annoying hyperness and her accent that's all over the place. Tidus - His voice actor made me dislike him xD He's so childish as well. Rinoa- gets saved way too many times and can't stop bothering Squall Kyrie - She is only there to be saved Ashley - only there to be...
  4. Crystal

    Top 10 worst games you've played.

    Haha I know xD But I bet I am not the only one :P Maybe I'll like FFIX more later, when I get halfway the game, hopefully? So I can get that one out of this list. Mr Musqueeto is on ps2! A must have! XD
  5. Crystal

    5 best games you've played.

    1. Dragon age - origins. Amazing game! Awesome characters, you have so many options, you can restart the game and see new things every time. Awesome story even though it's simple. Some quests take long but still it is one of the best games I've ever played. 2. Devil may cry 3 - Dante, enough...
  6. Crystal

    Top 10 worst games you've played.

    I haven't played that many games, so I'll just a list a few. Final fantasy XIII - I even finished it twice, why? I'm a trophy lover :P But this game was boring, the only character I really liked was Fang. This game was so freaking linear. They've changed way too much. Final fantasy XII - I...
  7. Crystal

    [23/08] FFXIII-2 Screens

    I'm still not excited. It still looks the same as the first game and I didn't like the battle system at all. The only plus is that they've at least tried to make something to make the battle look a little bit more exciting. The trailer already ruined it for me, as Serah had to be saved in...
  8. Crystal

    [09/08] No Final Fantasy Versus XIII at Tokyo Game Show

    Yeah no surprise here. If they would show something at TGS it probably wouldn't be something that new as it's all about FFXIII-2 now. (Stupid game!! Almost no one even cares) Not a smart move though, like it has been said before on here, I was really excited at first but now they don't update...
  9. Crystal

    Fan Art Crystal's fan art (FF and DMC)

    Thanks a lot for the critiques. ^^ I agree about the proportions. I'm still practicing. The most trouble I have with drawing a face is the jaw, nose and chin XD I do think I will focus more on digital drawing though as I hardly have patience with drawing on paper and use the eraser way too much :P
  10. Crystal

    Fan Art Crystal's fan art (FF and DMC)

    It's not much yet, because I took a long break with drawing. This picture I had posted last year for the Drawing contest on here. The newest FF, when I picked up drawing again and needed to practice for school. --------- Now I started practicing digital drawings and I seem to be better...
  11. Crystal

    Character design - Family- by Crystal

    Alright I made these for school. Drew them first on paper and then made it with my first attempt in photoshop, the finished result was made with help from my teammate ^^ She added the details. Now I have a question for you about this. Can you guess what the relationship of the siblings are...
  12. Crystal

    [Birthweek]PS3 Trophies Competition

    Aw wished I could join again, but my ps3 had the YLOD 3 times so it's officially dead. Will buy a new one in july so I can't.
  13. Crystal

    [V2] Which FF Game are you currently playing?

    I touched a few FF's last week. Was playing, FFVII, FFVIII and FFIX on ps3 but he died. Then started FFX-2 again on my ps2, but it bored me xD And just saw the intro of FFVI today.
  14. Crystal

    Which FF games have you completed? Most played FF game/Which FF game you plan to complete next?

    Don´t know which order but I completed± FFVII FFVII DOC FFVIII FFX FFX/2 FFXII FFXIII I recently bought FFIX on PSN store ,but my ps3 YLOD´s for the third time so can´t continue x) And bought FFVI yesterday, if my memorycard works then I'm good to go. Also have played FFI, the first part but...
  15. Crystal

    Multiple Platforms Dragon Age II

    I finished this game a few days ago and must say I didn´t like it that much as I liekd origins. This game didn´t hurry up, it didn´t have a story o.o at least that´s how I experienced. Only quests quests and quests, and when I was doing something for the main plot it didn´t give me the feeling...
  16. Crystal

    [13/05] Versus XIII, FFXIV PS3 Absent From SE Release List Through March 2012

    Honestly? I don't really care for final fantasy versus anymore, not gonna check every day if there is gonna be finally some news or release date. I'll see the commercial on tv somewhere in 2013 I guess, And I wonder how FFXIII-2 will be since they plan to release it this fast.
  17. Crystal

    Most disturbing movies you've seen

    Hostel 2- Egh, I will never watch a movie like that. It was sickening, after watching it I felt sick, especially when I read this movie was based on a true story. Things like cutting of a head in one hit doesn't scare me, but doing things slowly? and seeing the characters hurt? omg...
  18. Crystal

    Top Ten Most Hated Gaming Characters

    Well I don´t have a top 10 in no particular order, but 1. Kyrie from devil may cry 4, I ranted about her before, but GOD WOMAN, DO SOMETHING! Geez, she only whined for Nero ,got kidnapped a few times, and at the end she just stands there and yells when a demon comes to her so Nero has to slap...
  19. Crystal

    Games you suck at

    Race, fighting en sports. Yeah well, it's obvious with races. I tend to go too fast and fly against some wall because I can't make the turn xD Fighting, I always loose >.< With Tekken I just have to play on easy, especially with jinpachi, dude he gets on my nerve! Never played sports games...
  20. Crystal

    Multiple Platforms Dragon Age Origins

    I looooooved loved LOVED this game. I bought it a few months ago and have finished it around 4 times and started multiple playthroughs which have yet to be finished. This is my favorite game ever. I didn't think I would become such a fan. Alistair is GOD, I love his jokes and he was so...