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  1. Casanova

    Why did Sin attack DZ (SPOILER ALERT)

    Okay, I just want to clear a couple of things up. The Machina War was an event that happened about 1,000 years prior to the main narrative arc of FFX. That is to say, it happened about 1,000 years before Tidus was transported to Spira from Dream Zanarkand. The main belligerents of this war were...
  2. Casanova

    [SPOILERS] CONFUSED: just completed FFX...

    Jecht is definitely Sin, don't worry, you're not going crazy. You see, when each Sin is destroyed, Yu Yevon is exposed and must needs seek a new form of armor in which to hide. He can only exist inside of Sin, because he is too weak to live without it. In order to destroy Sin, however, each...
  3. Casanova

    FFX HD collectors/limited edition

    I pre-ordered it from GAME's website. They've had LEs for a while now. =] Something I just realised is it actually only contains a download code for the FFX-2...
  4. Casanova

    FFX: Love It or Hate It?

    He was a warrior monk in Bevelle, who fell out of favour with the Yevon elite after refusing to marry the daughter of a high-ranking clergyman. Wen Kinoc took his place, and eventually became a Maester. Braska took the then-exiled Auron as a Guardian. Auron didn't just one day turn up like Jecht...
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    Fuck yeah for lazing about. I never do anything of any considerable worth. :wacky:

    Fuck yeah for lazing about. I never do anything of any considerable worth. :wacky:
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    Kellz. :hug: I've been doing stuff, I suppose. How are you? :monster: I have abandoned...

    Kellz. :hug: I've been doing stuff, I suppose. How are you? :monster: I have abandoned Facebook. Vapid cunts clogging up my feed with their dinners and their kids. No, ta. :wacky:
  7. Casanova

    Steam Holiday Sales 2013

    It's a strange one this year because the Autumn sale only just ended on the 3rd, but Valve would be crazy not to arrange something this holiday season. Last year I spunked £150, and a few of my mates spent even more. It's a much-awaited period for Steam users the world over, where the sales are...
  8. Casanova

    Final Fantasy VIII hits Steam

    Not surprised to see this. This was actually listed in a Steam database alongside FFVII before FFVII was made available. Many thought both would be made available simultaneously, but as usual, SE remain fickle, as is their MO when it comes to new fandangled Western contraptions like Steam. Still...
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    Welcome, innit. :monster: Why poorly? D=
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    George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire

    While I am thoroughly addicted to the books, I'd strongly recommend The Kingkiller Chronicle to any other fans. A Song of Ice and Fire is amazing, but I find Rothfuss to be a more competent fantasy author than Martin. Also try The Braided Path trilogy by Chris Wooding. Another stellar example of...
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    Anybody give this early access game a go yet? It was 50% off during the last sale on Steam, and me and a few mates have had a real blast with it since. If you're not at all familiar with it, think Amnesia/Slender/Outlast with 5 person online multiplayer, where one of those people controls the...
  12. Casanova

    Frank Carter sig and avatar

    You're a doll. Thanks a bunch. ^_^
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    Frank Carter sig and avatar If it helps anyone, this is the pic I once used to make a set for someone. They specifically requested that it be a gig pic, and this one had a decent amount of colour, as opposed to most gig pics where the background is just...
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    What are you currently reading?

    A Dance with Dragons. I love winding up my mates with series spoilers. :monster:
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    Frank Carter sig and avatar

    Sadly, I lack PhotoShop these days. It is to my understanding, though, that there are many people here that still use it, and use it well. :monster: Anyways, I have no requests or preferences, just so long as Frank Carter is prominent. For the uninitiated: Frank Carter. (hyperlink) A very kind...
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    Steam ID Thread
  17. Casanova

    Star Citizen

    Next-gen PC. Hells-to-the-yeah. I've been super into the genre since I first saw my friend's brother play Ace Combat 2 on the PlayStation way back when. Since then Ace Combat has gone down the drain, though, and clones aplenty have risen in its place only to immediately fall by the wayside...
  18. Casanova

    Star Citizen

    Anyone heard of this awesome concept? Anyone already pledged? I'm gonna be picking this up as soon as I can, because I've always wanted a decent game like this. The campaign mode sounds freakin' awesome, and the fact that they've raised $31M on their website to develop the game is simply...
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    I don't think so. :monster:

    I don't think so. :monster: