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    Hey guys!!! Sorry to be a pain n all but could you check out this vid and tell me what you think ethier here or on Youtube please!! Worked hard on it you see ^_^ Thanks! Mod edit: Fixed your youtube tag :) Edit: Thankyou Kind mod!!!
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    Christmas adverts in the UK!

    So guys. Christmas is, once again upon us. The coca-cola advert says so! :) What adverts make you feel christmasy? The first time I felt christmasy was earlier with the John Lewis advert with This in! Fine cover, I think you'll agree! Major apologies if I've put this in the wrong place! :)
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    Hi there :)

    Hello! I am Nelci! Nice to meet you all! :D I've loved Final Fantasy since I was about 7 year old and my mom bought me Final Fantasy VII! And then promptly traded it in when she couldn't hit the buttons right at the begging -_-' ! But I got it back around 6 months later and been playing them...