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  1. Tielknight

    The Sacrifice

    Anyone else up waiting for this DLC for left 4 dead and left 4 dead 2 to be released? The Linky is still greyed out on the homepage and hammering refresh ain't working :gonk: BTW, if you wanna get it, There ya go. The link is not working...
  2. Tielknight

    It's melting my brain :O

    Whats stuck in your head atm? Well.... BACKSCRATCHA?!?! .......nuff said Can't get that outta my fraekin head! :gasp: Curse you family guy!
  3. Tielknight

    Senseless violence!

    THE FIGHT STARTS NOW! Basically, use a attack on the previous poster. Like: Tielknight attacks (above poster) with surprise buttsecks, resulting in massive damage. Point? Their is no point, JUST FIGHT!@ ( and go crazy)
  4. Tielknight

    Deadly candy?

    Ok, browsing youtube, found a lovely video that just straight up makes me hate the FDA even more than i already do. They are putting million of kids at risk by not pulling poisoned candy from the shelves. This candy is, ironically, made in China and has already caused 50,000+ cases and many...
  5. Tielknight

    A bit of bad news. (I think)

    (FIRSTLY, What i'm saying here is based on what we know now. Things may change for the better, or only get worse. Now, onto the post.) I hate to be the one to say this, but to be blunt, the RPG & Shoutbox will likely be removed soon. This is not a decision any of us really want to make...
  6. Tielknight

    What are RPG stats?

    RPG stats are those little bars under your avatar. They become nice and colorful when you start playing the RPG ( after ya hit 50 posts and wait a few hours). Now, here's a breakdown of what each stat does. HP (Hit Points) ~ How much damage you can take before dying. More is better. MP...
  7. Tielknight

    Video Game "art"

    Plain and simple, if' you've ever abused a part of a game to make some "art" get a screenie and post <3 Like so Ahh, i love firemaking <3
  8. Tielknight

    Ze Fagina game

    Opposite of the Penis game obviously. Swap out part of a movie/song title and put in the word "vagina". :randompoke: Deep Vagina ( Deep Impact)
  9. Tielknight

    Just a little...

    Break. Yep, with things being all hectic and shit with normal stuff, we are taking approximately a week off to catch up on other things. We will still be on some, but not much. This is a must-needed rest so we don't give poor koloth a stroke or something :wacky: We also thought it better...
  10. Tielknight

    RPG Character Reset Requests.

    First of all, some rules. You may only have your character reset ONCE per month. This does not mean you can reset your character on the 29th of July and reset them again on the 1st of August. You must wait at least 30 days between resets. Secondly, Asking for a reset does not mean you will...
  11. Tielknight

    Tiel's "art"

    Well, figured I could post some of meh stuff, i'll start with the first tries up until my latest work. For me, Simple is better, nuff said. Made for a SOTW on another forums ages ago,. More recent sig made a couple months ago i think >< Another SOTW one, Peace based, and yes, was stoned...
  12. Tielknight

    Copying Inventory Tables....

    Is no longer working due to the fact that HTML enabled in posts caused some nasty problems. Until further notice, they are disabled and that means, those inventory tables you copied are now a giant garble of un-usable code. For the sake of the poor members having to try to pick out the...
  13. Tielknight

    Help set a record :O

    Want to help set a world record? Of course ya do. Make ya all tingley inside.. where inside is not my problem though :gasp: Firefox is trying to set a world record for most downloads on release day, which is in TWO days. Over a million...
  14. Tielknight

    Youtube fuxxored >:(

    Didn't see this anywhere else in the spam hellhole, so, meh, new thread. Anyone else go searching youtube for a hard to find video, you find it, and you get this utter bullshit. The SAME video i just watched yesterday i now can't watch because of this shit. This " update" or whatever you...
  15. Tielknight

    Rep System

    I've noticed a rep system got added to the forum, great idea. Now...... slight problem.. how do you view your rep? Other forums i've seen have a link in your usercp or they appear in your usercp under your subscribed threads. i dunno about you, but I want to see what i'm being given rep for...
  16. Tielknight

    Guilty Pleasure.

    Like me, everyone has their own little guilty pleasure in a favorite game. Some people like to Teabag people they kill in FPS games, others like to cackle at the dead noobs in World of Warcraft. Soo, whats your " Guilty Pleasure"? Mine happens in the Fallout Series, Mainly in Fallout 1 and...
  17. Tielknight

    Request :O

    Well, Thought I might as well post this up for the masses to try their skillz. Got this pic from a Bleach episode, haven't seen any really of him like this, so though I would see if anyone can crank out a set with this.:neomon:
  18. Tielknight

    Soul Of Rebirth bonus in Dawn of Souls?

    Ok, got FF Dawn of Souls a while back, just recently got back into playing FF2 on it, and finally beat the game last night. Found out there is a extra part to the game after you kill the fugly emperor, called Soul of Rebirth. Has anyone played this bonus thing, and if so, did you get...
  19. Tielknight

    Walmart sinks to a new low.

    Well, to sum it all up, this is utter bullshit. I'll let you read it for yourselves. Taken from
  20. Tielknight