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  1. Scarlet

    Playstation Sell it or keep it? (PS3)

    I'm not sure whether or not to sell my Playstation 3. I purchased my PS3 at the midnight Meta Gear Solid 4 release. It was one of the last few 80gigs with Playstation 2 backwards compatibility to be released. Being one of the only few to own an 80gig with PS2 backwards compabtibility, I was told...
  2. Scarlet

    Spoony's FFVIII video review

    I'm sure some of you have heard of him before, or seen his videos. Got permission from an admin to post this thread again. For those who haven't seen it or who haven't been keeping up here is a link to his FFVIII reviews. This guy...
  3. Scarlet

    Happy Birthday Erythritol

    Happy 21st Birthday you skank! <3 I hope you have a delicious fat kids cake! Don't get too trashed now!
  4. Scarlet

    Another Dissidia Trailer Someone else makes an appearance. Enjoy :elmo:
  5. Scarlet

    Square Enix 2008 Private Party News Thread

    Source: Source: Offical Website:
  6. Scarlet

    FFXIII PS3 Playable Demo out March 2009

    Source: Well, I guess a few months after that FFXIII might be release finally.
  7. Scarlet

    Dressing up

    Why do you dress up a certain way? Are you aiming to appeal to a certain crowd? Do you dress that way just because you like it? Also how do you dress yourself? Or you just dress that why because you it's attractive? I dress rather conservatively for my age, more as if a normal 26-30 woman...
  8. Scarlet

    Ice cream favorites

    I love ice cream! I can't get enough of it! What is your favorite Ice cream flavor? Which toppings do you prefer on your ice cream? What is your preferred Ice cream company? Cake batter ice cream is my favorite flavor. It really does taste like cake batter, it's fucking awesome. :gasp: As for...
  9. Scarlet

    Best and worst features about yourself

    What do you think are the best and worst features about yourself? Let's be honest with ourselves, well all do have something we love and hate about ourselves. So, what are they? As for me, many people have told me I have great hair. Well, I really like my hair, but the only downside about my...
  10. Scarlet

    Square Enix E3 News thread

    In this thread, post any E3 Square Enix news here. Also try to provide a source. I know you can't after conferences but I'm sure news articles will be out soon. Today, July 14th is Microsoft's conference. Here is what I saw from the conference. The Last Remnant - Will be released on the Xbox...
  11. Scarlet

    So uhh... New SE game for the ipod...

    All I can say is: What the fuck!?
  12. Scarlet

    "JRPGs are all the same!"

    I'm friends with a few 'hardcore' gamers I guess you could say. They questioned me and ask why I continue to play JRPGs (Japanese RPGs). I love JRPGs, they were the first games I've played. I can't get enough of them. Anyways, my friends tell me that all JRPGs are the same thing. Also they've...
  13. Scarlet

    Donating money, toys, etc.

    Have you ever donated something to an organization? Have you ever handed over some money to go to a certain group? Ever donated toys during Christmas? As for me... I'm a cheap bastard. I can only think of one time I've ever donated money which was a few dollars to Korean war veterans. I felt...
  14. Scarlet

    Hackers In My Computer!

    Kinda old, but for those who haven't seen it!
  15. Scarlet

    Welcome our new Moderator! Contra Fates!

    Congratulations Contra Fates on becoming a moderator on Final Fantasy Forums! Contra Fates will be lending a hand with Hera Ledro in the RP section. Also she will be moderating the Shinra Building. Congrats once again! :neomon:
  16. Scarlet

    2 Guys and 1 Cup Enjoy! :neomon:
  17. Scarlet

    Best Debater

    "Pffft! NO U!" Who do you think is the best debater of FFF?
  18. Scarlet

    Most Knowledgeable member

    Which member do you think has the most knowledge? (Overall)
  19. Scarlet

    Biggest Post whore

    You won't stop posting will you eh? So do you believe is the biggest post whore!?
  20. Scarlet

    Best Quality Poster

    Which member do you believe makes the best posts?