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    Need a quick answer..

    Yeah gamtrader's stock in all kinds of old school games.. Lol, I went to one in queensland and they had all that and Final fantasy Figures Jewlery it was a final fantasy lovers haven.
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    Need a quick answer..

    The store your talking about is game trader and they stock in Platnium only lol, Yeah i bought it thanks :)
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    Need a quick answer..

    a local is selling original FFVII non platinum version black version for 60 bucks AUD near new cond.. Is this a good price?
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    RPG Bugs, Errors & Issues

    i've got 50 posts but i still cant play the RPG help?1
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    The Sephiroth Clones.

    The clones confuse me.. i guess im gonna get through FF VII CC and im going to read it slowly and then play FF:VII with the guide so i can catch everything 100%..
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake

    A remake would be awesome.. High def sweet graphics awesome gameplay im getting pretty excited for it.. Im hoping they do.. when you finish FFVII CC it says ps3 ff7 trailer dunno if that is the case but lets hope so.. What if they do a remake for psp!?
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    Dirge of Cerberus did you not find alot of it annoying?

    Yeah it was resonably annoying but that would of just made the game to easy... It's like saying cloud can jump of a train at the begening but cant jump down 4 stairs..
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    FF3 - What consoles????

    got the DS version and that's all i know of. if your looking to get it i reckon you should go the ds ersion its prob the best one out.
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    Favourite part of the game

    as the opening post says that part is hilarious.. I love swearing moogles it;s so cute yet so funny.. i lol'ed so hard when i read it haha.
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    Quina Boy or Girl

    That's a classic quote right there lol!! I reckon it's a girl but then a agagin they need to make a FF9 movie so we can hear it's voice lol.. But for now i'll go with a girl..
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    Did anyone else enjoy crushing the nobles at the auctions?

    It's very funny beating the snobby old nobles i leave them to bid and bid at going twice.. and then if they bid again and repeat process untill i win lol.. it's very funny..
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    Best & Worsts Discussion

    Beatrix is a sweet as name along with Zidane.. Final fantasy esk names.. I hate the little girly names though like vivi and eiko.. Vivi needs a better name..
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    Adelbert Steiner - what a guy

    I think its funny.. like an over protective farther telling his dadughter to keep away from the boy with the monkey tail or not to go to partys and be back at blah blah blah time lol.
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    Advent Children The Wolf

    I remmember reading the wolf is a symbole of the lonliness of CLoud loosing both zakc and aerith but i reckon at the same time the Wolf is also Zack aswell.. i guess we will not really know..
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    FFVII: AC Review

    love this movie epically the bit where reno tries to take out cloud and he ends up outside and cloud locks the door on him hahaha, so fricken funny.
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    The one that only wanted to be a hero...

    Here's a FC for Zack FAir the one that just wanted to be a hero... If you wanna be apart of the fan club write down what makes you like zack so much and what you thought was the best thing he did for the FF:VII series if that makes sence.. A true hero. R.I.P. Zack
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    Sig request please@

    Hey guys, im looking for a sweet as sig with zack and cloud with some awesome effects, maybe the last scene of cloud and zack when zack is breathing his last breath.. saying i'll never let go.. Thanks. :)
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    What to do next? Any tips?

    i'd get all the sub mission out of thee way cause after sin you will be in the main storyline for quite a while so do all the sub quests you wanna do cause it'll be a while before you use it.
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    How do you start off in FF 11?

    i also am thinking of starting FFXI and i want to know what the best vlass is to use im thinking either going with a warrior or redmage..
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    the most emotional scene...

    Probally when they we're im space and Rinoa had all that crazy coo coo shit happening to her cause of the sauccerors *spelling* he didn't know what to do then the bit after before they got in ragnarok and he was trying to rescue her in mid space.. that was really emotional i thought it was...