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  1. ren1200

    Technology fads

    I usually don't buy anything new until the price goes down. What I do buy is video games and that's about all unless I find something I really like. Technology is great but it's not a fad for me or my family lol
  2. ren1200

    What do you wish your parents had forced you to do?

    I was never forced to do anything. My parents tried but im a independent person and usually don't take it well when someone tells me to do something that I don't like. I do wish though that my mom would of helped me more in math. My math skill is the same as a 5th graders -_- But besides that im...
  3. ren1200

    To Swim or not to Swim?

    I can swim though not that good. I mostly float.
  4. ren1200

    If a woman has a talking vagina...

    I have no ideal whats going on here and for my mental health i'll keep it that way. On another note talking vaginas would be cool along with talking penisis.:busta:
  5. ren1200

    coolest character

    I think sephiroth-sama and vincent are the coolest characters in final fantasy 7. 8 was selphie. x was rikku. x-2 was rikku. 12 was penelo
  6. ren1200

    sephiroth ruler of planet?

    I agree with you 100% sephiroth24. Sephy is one of those villains that are born once a melinum. He has not only the power skills and sheer will to beat any obstacles in his way (cloud was a fluke) He's also pretty Hot ^^
  7. ren1200

    sephiroth ruler of planet?

    Have zorback on your mind cali? I think sephiroth is the best villain in final fantasy history. From the cold yet warm grin to the emotionless eyes sephiroth is just the definition of evil. If looks could kill cloud would be deep fried and buried in the ground after first meeting sephiroth.
  8. ren1200


    Ok before I get attacked and lynched by smokers please read this: I AM NOT MAKING FUN OR ATTACKING ANY SMOKERS ON HERE. I had to put that up so I don't get yelled at or killed. When is a persons smoking habit too much? recently a cousin of mines parents died from lung cancer brought on from...
  9. ren1200

    What Are You Wearing?

    Black shirt with a red dragon on it. Black shorts. sandals. glasses. black dragon pendant. red underwear......I like black hehe
  10. ren1200

    I have a confession...

    Hello. Im sorry for the very late post but I just found this thread. I myself am bi. It was pretty nervewrecking to tell my mom and grandma but it worked out well. Im glad everything went well with your family. I hope you have a nice long and happy life ^^
  11. ren1200

    Chinese Zodiac

    Im a snake Compatible:Ox, Rooster Avoid:Tiger, Monkey, Pig Tigers monkeys pigs beware ^^
  12. ren1200

    The Female Mind....

    Im probably quoting a lot of people but just be yourself. Start a conversation by asking her how her day has been. Listen to what she says and always answer her truthfully. If theres a chance you and hers relationship will work out than those would be great topics to start on. I hope you and her...
  13. ren1200

    Hi, Everyone!

    Welcome to the forums star ^^
  14. ren1200

    Eternal life

    Ouch. Yeah that would suck. Doomed to live forever not being able to move your body and getting more and more hungry and thirsty. o.o You know what I think I like my mortality. No immortal cliff diving and breaking my bones for seren.
  15. ren1200

    Eternal life

    True enough I suppose. Either way if it is possible It would be a hard choice to choose to live and see your friends and family die (assuming they don't become immortal too) The benefits would be good. It will probably (if its possible) be a tough decision.
  16. ren1200

    Eternal life

    Hmm both of you have great points. @sum1 Humanity has been defying the laws of nature for thousands of years so who knows we just might be able to live forever if we can get rid of outside influences like natural disasters,death by weapons,disease etc etc. please read below @sullivan If...
  17. ren1200

    Favorite anime couples?

    Narutoxhinata. They make the best couple in all the anime series ive seen. There just soo good together ^^ And Hot
  18. ren1200

    Anime characters that you hate

    1. Saskue uchiha: I never liked him when I first saw him. Hes an annoying duckbutt haired kid that can't get it through his mind that uchiha Does NOT equal all powerful. 2. Rukia: For some reason she just pisses me off.
  19. ren1200

    Bleach Vs Naruto

    I voted for Naruto. Not only does it have great characters with unique personalities but it has a bigger range of moves than bleach. If we went by the anime of bleach and naruto it would be clear who would overpower who in a fight between naruto and ichigo in terms of pure power. Plus I never...
  20. ren1200

    Last Manga You Read

    Im reading naruto chapter 514. Its a pretty good manga with lots of action and interesting scenes to keep me interested in it.