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  1. JigoKuu

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome here! I hope you will enjoy your stay here, but everybody is super nice so it's almost sure to happen, haha. :D FF7 is my ultimate favourite as well! I like FF12, too, I think it has the best soundtracks and map/level designs from all FF games I played so far. I totally agree with you...
  2. JigoKuu

    Which KH Game are you currently playing?

    I just played KH 1.5 Final Mix on the PS4 the first time (it was an excellent game!), and now I'm playing Re: Chain of Memories. The battle system is a big change after the first game, but I think I will get used to it sooner or later. :D
  3. JigoKuu


    Hello! Nice to meet you as well! I hope you will enjoy your time here!^^ If you don't mind would you tell us how you found the forum? And what FF games do you like?:D
  4. JigoKuu

    FFVII Remake: new trailer and theme song "Hollow"

    I can totally understand your problem, DaggerTribal! I can't wait the Remake and while I want to know more about it, these trailers make me really uncomfortable. Because I want to see them, but after seeing this one I was also sad. And I feel they put too much spoilers into this video. I mean...
  5. JigoKuu

    Both the FFVII Remake and Marvel's Avengers delayed

    Omg I laughed so hard reading the first sentence of this article. :,D What a shame tough, I really had my great plan to turn into an eco-terrorist in March. But now it has no wait a little more! To be honest I'm not angry at all and I have my two reasons for that: 1. If delaying a little could...
  6. JigoKuu

    CEG (Christmas) Pass the Parcel!

    :Lameow: passes it to :brahneto:
  7. JigoKuu

    Christmas White Elephant 2019

    Poor Jigoku is full of glue, sighs like the character Gru. She wants a present herself, so she fastly grab #2 present. "I want a present really bad, but stealing from others won't help. I will become a nice child in the end, so let me have this cute, little present." //Ok, making rhymes...
  8. JigoKuu

    Christmas White Elephant 2019

    Ohhh, I was stolen from? Then I need to steal myself a new bag!xD I'm a bad girl this year, haha. Sorry, sly, but I need your #7 present!!!;)
  9. JigoKuu

    Christmas White Elephant 2019

    My time has come!:D I'm a bad, bad child who plans to steal Present #9! Sorry, Paddy McGee, nothing personal. :,D
  10. JigoKuu

    Christmas White Elephant 2019 [CLOSED]

    Sign me up as well!:D
  11. JigoKuu

    Christmas Smiley Scenes

    FFXV Noctis fighting against Leviathan?xD
  12. JigoKuu

    Final Fantasy XIV Companion app

    That is strange, I see it on Google Play! (Sorry for the Hungarian texts lol.) I used it for some time, but since I can't really do much there (I can buy/sell 2 times a day, more if I pay extra which I am not willing to do xD), I deleted it. If you are interested, you might give it a try, but...
  13. JigoKuu


    Omg finally my time has come!!*3* Bag #2 looks average, but I can almost feel it might be something tricky/interesting! I would like to peek inside. :D
  14. JigoKuu

    Trick-or-Treat! [Sign Up CLOSED]

    I want to sign up!!:D It sounds interesting. :D
  15. JigoKuu

    My concerns for Final Fantasy VII Remake (spoilers)

    I also has some concerns related to the remake myself so I can understand that you are worried. But I really try not to have too high expectations. To be honest FFVII is my favourite game ever, and it's super hard not to start searching all of its elements in the remake. But I try to handle it...
  16. JigoKuu

    Latest FF Purchase Thread

    I just bought this nice Bluray yesterday. I can't wait to go home, put it into my PS4 and enjoy it. *___*
  17. JigoKuu

    Which Final Fantasy is best for start?

    I can only agree with what shivas said! I think you should start with any game 7 and up. Those games are more modern in gameplay and the graphics aren't too dated (maybe?xD I really like the old ones as well). If I were you, I would either pick 7, 8, 9 or 10. I did play some games between 7-15...
  18. JigoKuu

    Chocobo Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy! Physical PS4/Switch Releases

    The Japanese version really has English text then, right? And what dub does the game have? English only, or Japanese as well?:D I'm thinking about grabbing it and I wondered what options I might have with the physical copy. c:
  19. JigoKuu

    Interest Check Gallery Mod

    I'm okay with the current system, but to be honest, I'm always ready to switch to options which are better when it comes to systematization/organization! So I think we should go for it!:D
  20. JigoKuu

    What version should I play?

    Omg I just realised that I hadn't thanked you for your suggestions!^^" I read them right away you answered my question, but somehow didn't get to properly thank it. I finally got the game and I went with the PS4 version you suggested. I really love it so far (only a few hours into the game), so...