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  1. Duhemsounds

    Final Fantasy Spotify playlists

    Hello :) Let's share some beautiful FF music, original tracks and covers =3 Here's a Spotify playlist that will give you a short tour of Final Fantasy most emblematic themes If you have FF lists you wanna...
  2. Duhemsounds

    Original [32/32 released] Duhemsounds Original Compositions

    Hello :) Some of you already know my video games covers and here especially my FF and Square related ones. I'm also going into original compositions now. I currently have a big event of 31 releases from Oct 21st to Dec 20th They are very video games influenced, currently I'm releasing many...
  3. Duhemsounds

    Fan Fiction Opera Mysidia

    Hello :) Some of you may already know me for my video games covers, now I'm writing creative fan fictions to go with them on the YouTube videos. Here is the text version of Opera Mysidia my creative story released with my Final Fantasy medley from yesterday :) The story takes place at FF6 Opera...
  4. Duhemsounds

    Massive release of FF OSTs on Spotify

    Hello :) On Nobuo Uematsu's Spotify profile we now have access to plenty of Final Fantasy OSTs =3
  5. Duhemsounds

    Cover Duhemsounds Final Fantasy covers

    Hello :) I'm Duhemsounds, I'm doing orchestrated videogames music covers (Final Fantasy, Zelda, Mario, Pokémon & many more) You can find my youtube here: Here you have my FF playlist ...
  6. Duhemsounds

    Duhemsounds Introduction

    Hello :) I'm Duhemsounds 29 years old, I come from France. I was ~12 when I discovered Final Fantasy. The first I've played is FF7 (older FF weren't available in Europe at this time) My favorites are from the ps1 era especially 6 to 9. Kefka is quite funny, 7 has a great story and gameplay. On...