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  1. MasterVivi

    Does anybody wish Rasler was the main guy instead of Vaan?

    Rossler, Ashes husband would of made a much better main character for this game than Vaan.. He was better looking + he would of added a ton more to the story being Ashes husband/King as opposed to Vaan who provided well.... um, Nothing.. I feel he and Ashe fighting the Archadian Empire...
  2. MasterVivi

    Chocobo Hot n Cold FFIX vs Chocobo Racing/Breeding FFVII

    So FFVII and FFIX probably both have the two most important and rewarding Chocobo sidequests in all of Final Fantasy (at least of the ones that I have played), but which one of the two was more fun to do.. Both revolve around you basically training your chocobo in one way or another to...