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  1. __Roger__

    What game did you buy last?

    Chrono Cross,black label,factory sealead. U$108 bucks,not so expensive I thought it would be \o/
  2. __Roger__

    Final Fantasy game for a 10 year old?

    I would say VI or X,since the story is easy to pick up,the gameplay is simple and everything is well explained. The battle system's and gameplay in general of those two are the easiers of the mainstream,imo.
  3. __Roger__

    How many times have you beaten IX?

    4x times,the same as FF5 advance I think. Personally my favorite.
  4. __Roger__

    What game did you buy last?

    I bought a premium edition of Sakura Wars:So long my love for ps2. Never really had played one Sakura Taisen before,but it's reaaaaally good so far.It's strange too,because this game was originally released in 2005/2006 in Japan,but the U.S version just came last year,for ps2 and wii. Very...
  5. __Roger__

    Gaming Wishlist 2011

    PS3 Elder Scrolls V:Skyrimm Dragon Age II Mass Effect 2(yeah,still haven't bough) Final Fantasy XIII-2 Little Big Planet 2 Uncharted 3 Final Fantasy Versus XIII Tales of Graces F(if it really comes this year) DS Okamiden Dragon Quest VI(probably next week) Nino kuni(The Another World)...
  6. __Roger__

    What game series are consistently good?

    Metal Gear series,Kojima is just,God FF,the mainstream series games are pretty awesome,besides one or two maybe,everything else is just awesome. Zelda,played most of them,and liked all of them Elder Scrolls,the meaning of epic to me. Dragon Quest,DQ is always fun and addicting(the...
  7. __Roger__

    Games that are bad, but you like anyway

    FF Tactics Advance = the story of this game sucked,as well everything else compared to the original,but couldn't help,i really like it,just love that job system,and why not Ivalice on it as well?(that gave birth to almost everything on FFXII) Pokémon(any of them)=always the same mediocre...
  8. __Roger__

    Nintendo Top 5 Wii and GameCube Games

    Gamecube 1- Zelda Wind Waker (first and only Zelda to feature new game plus) 2-Zelda Twilight Princess 3-Tales of Symphonia 4-Metroid Prime 2 5-Star Fox Adventures Others:Mario Sunshine,Resident Evil 0 and 1 remake,the First Metroid Prime,Super Smash Bros. Melee, Baten Kaitos 1 and 2. Wii...
  9. __Roger__

    What game did you buy last?

    I bought an used copy of Dragon Warrior VII at e-bay. At least the cds are not risked. Already played it before,but it was a burned ISO. Playing again, insanely =]
  10. __Roger__

    Playstation Tales of Graces F with USA localization announced!

    I don't own a 360 so I never played Vesperia,but yeah,it just sucked it was released just for it(not an sonyfanboy too,just playing Mass Effect 2 right now). Still hope Namco release Xillia's here one day too.For now,I'll just be happy to fight Veigue on my ps3.
  11. __Roger__

    Why wasn't X more open-ended?

    X linearity annoyed me more than XIII for sure. It had Pulse,with lots of monsters to fight,some of them really hard. The biggest place on FFX was Calm Lands... Even though XIII is divided in chapters and doesn't have minigames,never really liked then on X.Chocobo racing was just annoying,for...
  12. __Roger__

    Playstation Tales of Graces F with USA localization announced!

    Credits: Fans of the Tales of series might be in for a very special treat, possibly later on today, with an announcement that more of the Tales of games that were released exclusively for Japan, are going to be localized for release in North America. If true, this may come as a...
  13. __Roger__

    What are you currently playing?

    I`m doing the missions of FFXIII,and playing both Fallout 3 and Oblivion GOTY versions. MOD EDIT: Can you please put a little more effort into your posts please? This is a spam post in a post count section. Just elaborate more on either the missions or why you're playing the games. Thank you.
  14. __Roger__

    Oldschool or Future

    I agree,FFXII`s background is simply perfect, Mod Edit: Put a bit more effort in your post please, otherwise this is considered a spammy post.
  15. __Roger__

    Nintendo Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

    I thought this thread would be pumping out of replies today :/ So everybody, already got you copy? Too bad games are not cheap on my country,if they were,I would be getting mine just at the releasing day... But I'll probably buy it until christmas.
  16. __Roger__

    [FF IX] Would you like to see a remake/spinoff to this game?

    It would be nice to play a game featuring all the Tantalus troupe,and how they joined the group,even some adventures of them and the young Zidane around Gaia. Maybe some written story (like On a Way to a Smile,loved it) told by Baku's,Marcus,or somebody else perspective. A prequel game...
  17. __Roger__

    Amazing Story

    I liked X-2 a lot. Less linear FF of all time(for people who don't like linear rpgs) The jobs and battle system rulez.Liked the story from the third chapter to the end too. Still have to play the international version because of the extra stuff. But I don't know I would like to see a X-3. I...
  18. __Roger__

    Ultimecia's final form freaks me out

    SE confirmed R=U is not true,sadly =/ Imo,it would make more sense if it was canon,though.
  19. __Roger__

    battle system

    The CTB is boring,there is not the tension of killing the enemy fast to not get hurt(like X-2 or the previous FFs)it's boring too because most of the enemies die with one hit at the first time you visit some areas,so most ot the battles are not great at all too(except for some bosses)
  20. __Roger__

    coolest character

    Cid,Tifa and Barret are definitely my favorite characters from VII,although I think most of them are real good. Cid's story was so great,still remember his theme sometimes too.Liked his lines and how he overcome the ''rest'' of grief he had against Shera. Tifa,well,because at least to me,was...